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Gambling: The "Secret" Addiction Reviews

Wow. Fantastic. Moving. Thank you for doing this video!
- Jerome C.
Authentic, impassioned program. I hope addicts are listening, or people who know someone who needs help.
- Marilyn M.
Fantastic and very helpful.
- John G.
I liked the Speaker's direct frank honesty. It validated my own straight shooting style. I learned plenty of things, most of which I had never thought about and maybe now I'm in a better position to assist a colleague. For sure I can be on the lookout to help. I chose this course because of a friend of mine in the medical field who I think has a gambling problem. Now I'm more confident than ever that my instincts are correct.
- James P.
Thank you for the awesome, substantive, engaging presentation. And all your hard work to assist other lawyers.
heartfelt and informative. This is one cle that could save someone's life
- Kimberly C.
Thank you.
- Deborah W.
great course. tom B.
- thomas b.
Great program.
- Louis L.
Brian did an excellent job. Spoke from the heart
- William H.
Great program!!!!!!
- Richard F.
Outstanding, powerful presentation.
- Daniel B.
Thank you for sharing your very inspiring story.
- Emily P.
Absolutely loved the program and my favorite concept was that we are all in this together❤️ If you see a problem say some thing about the problem and try to help!!!
- John K.
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