Family Creation Options: An Overview of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Arrangements Reviews

Interesting information and relative!
- Susan P.
Very interesting presentation by obviously knowledgeable presenter.
- Linda R.
Really fascinating!
- Keshet S.
Very interesting field of law.
Thoroughly enjoyed this heretofore unfamiliar (to me) area of family law. The presenter was very astute with the subject matter she presented. Highly recommended!
- John E.
Amazing grasp of the applicable areas of law and drafting of the contractual concepts. Conversational in a highly professional manner.
- Arnold L.
Well presented.
- susan y.
Great course!
- Cheryl F.
Very Good. Presenter was well prepared.
- Barbara Z.
Outstanding presentation. Very thorough.
- Evelyn S.
The instructor was awesome!!
- Susan V.
This was an excellent and informative presentation.
- La Donna C.
This was so valuable makes Family law less scary for newbies
- carla c.
Very engaging and informative.
- Phyllis S.
Comprehensive yet accessible- well done.
- Kimberly G.
Great presentation on overall aspects and issues of ART. Outline was very helpful for following along, but a little more detailed notes on the more problematic areas of concern would have been helpful.
- Angela W.
Excellent! The outline was excellent and came up and stayed up throughout the presentation.
- Linda S.
Not an area I would feel comfortable representing someone but because of the extent of the information, would know how to inform a client and I know of experts who have specialized in this field. Very informative.
This video is somewhat dated and should be updated to reflect changes to the law on same-sex marriage and any significant updates as this is a developing area of law.
- Andrew F.
- Melissa S.
very well done
- andrea g.
broad ranging legal concerns discussed in a legally and emotionally charged area of family law.
- Berry C.
Overall good but outdated since gay marriage ruling last year.
- Lauren P.
Great presenter! Would love more from her and more in-depth on this topic!
- Kelly E.
It was very interesting and very informative of an new area of law
- Richard P.
Great lecture and presentation
- Naheed R.
Excellent in all respects. Presenter must be excellent practitioner
- Bruce D S.
Very knowledgeable presenter but the program is pre-Obergefell and somewhat dated.
- Carol R.
It was good. I thought there was going to be information on preserving ova, etc., such as where to send clients and what is available in terms of genetic services.
- Deana P.
There was so much information being presented so quickly that sometimes it was hard to follow. Probably should have taken an hour and a half.
- Anne A.
Really enjoyed the course and found this new area of the law interesting. She did a great job!
- Cynthia L.
Very interesting area of the law.
- Stacey K.
This is the second course I have viewed with this instructor. Fantastic information and presentation. Very informative!
- Ginna K.
Very interesting - and entertaining.
- Lucia B.
Great presentation--much more substantive than I had expected.
- Janis W.
Lively and informative but seriously needs updating given recent Supreme Court and other developments.
- Carolyn D.
Done with humor. Very helpful
- Jack H.
Fascinating subject matter
- Maribel G.
Excellent presentation. The presenter provided a lot of information packed into a clear presentation that holds your interest. Seemed to go faster than a lot of shorter presentations. Very good overview for the non-practitioner or the aspiring practitioner. It would be good to have an update taking into account recent changes to same sex marriage laws and the Medicaid expansion.
- Alison T.
Clear presentation of a complex topic.
- Alice B.
Great program!
- Valerie D.
informative and entertaining
- Kevin D.
The best online CLE presentation that I've seen so far!
- JOY K.
I had not idea how ignorant I was;fascinating program
- arnold Thomas c.
Good overview of the area.
- Daniel H.
Really interesting topic and knowledgeable speaker.
- Abigail R.
Very Good!
- Matthew L.
Funny, entertaining, informative, and the person does not have an annoying voice. So watch it!
- James R.
The knowledge showed by the instructor about the topic is outstanding.
- Kevin G.
Interesting topic
- Kelley S.
great instructor & interesting topic. Even though she's just giving her presentation in front of a boring background/wall, her voice and mannerisms made the lecture very engaging.
- Samuel B.
very interesting
- Eugene L.
The contract discussion was particularly helpful.
- Valerie P.
Informative and helpful.
- Charles T.
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