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Introduction to the Examination of Altered Documents Reviews

Fascinating. Great teacher / speaker! Highly Recommended!
- Katherine K.
Excellent presentation!
- matt c.
This was my favorite course!
- Michell N.
I could have spent 6 hours listening - very interesting topic and enthusiastic instructor.
- Cynthia M.
Best course I've completed on Lexvid. Very interesting and engaging speaker who did not read from any transcript. Learned much AND enjoyed the presentation immensely.
- Teresa H.
Good course.
- Jon M.
Fascinating subject made very easy to follow by an excellent presenter.
- Kenneth P.
Excellent presentation. Well structured, delivered, and relevant.
- Kyle O.
Very interesting subject.
- Rafael M.
This speaker is very good. He is engaging, keeps the material moving along, and inflects enough humor to take it out of 'this is so dry!'. Plus, he should star on CSI- he knows a lot.
- Johanna H.
While every document discussed was shown on the screen, Mr. Waskshull appeared to be highlighting portions of the documents that were not shown. This distracted from the presentation which otherwise was very interesting and informative.
- Barbara G.
1. I deal with matters related to mortgage fraud, so very pertinent material. Very informative and very entertaining. 2. My one constructive criticism is that the audience members cannot be heard when they are asking questions. This is problematic because we only get to hear the answers. A recommendation would be to encourage lecturers to repeat the questions before answering them.
- Thomas G.
Great presentation.
- David B.
You need to produce better images of the slides shown by the presenter. Many of them were blurry and difficult to see.
- David S.
Very well presented and very interesting material.
- Kristin B.
Absolutely fascinating presentaion.
- Ralph R.
Mike Wakshull is a unique and riveting speaker -- for a nerdish science type. Worth watching just to watch his mind work.
- Jim D.
Very good
- Harry H.
Very informative presentation.
- Thomas W.
Great info! Really interesting!
- Robert K.
excellent program
- Nicholas A.
This man really knows his stuff!
- Jimmie F.
Very Interesting
- Marc V.
- Maria K.
Great course
- Michael K.
- Jonette J.
Course all lawyers should take!
- Kenneth S.
It was a little difficult to see the Power Point presentation on my computer, but I'm not sure how that can be remedied.
- Amy E.
Fascinating. Great information and wonderful presenter.
- Lizbeth T.
Best one so far. He is awesome!
- Barbara J. W.
- Steven Y.
interesting topic
- Benjamin M.
Enjoyable and informative. Should I have a need to determine the validity of a document, I will re-review my materials and contact the instructor.
- Edward B.
- laura p.
Talk about raising the bar! Excellent course! How many times can you say that you enjoyed a CLE course so much that you lost track of time? I know that I couldn't until today. Excellent presentation with great real life examples! - K. Johnson.
- Kimberly J.
Excellent program!
- Randy M.
Excellent speaker and interesting subject matter
- Jill K.
Interesting speaker. Have seen him on a few webinars on document examination.
- Scott L.
Not only informative but also very interesting.
- Darryl P.
Very interesting subject matter, especially with the increase in falsified title transfer documents for real property.
- Gary K.
Truly fascinating material!
- Cecily F.
This was one of the best CLE courses I have ever taken.
- Carl M.
Great presentation.
- Thomas L.
Amazing and interesting info every attorney ought to be aware of!
- Leslie M H.
Although I can't honestly say the course had much to do with my legal responsibilities, it was very interesting. And one never knows when some bit of information will come in handy. Well worth the time to listen.
- Cheryl H.
Very impressed; one of the best online presentations I have seen through LexVid
- Rachel S.
This was really interesting material. Not directly germane to my particular practice area, but very engrossing and informative.
- Richard T.
- Timothy M.
Extremely entertaining and interesting. And, perhaps a bit concerning when the possible ways to pass fraudulent documents are revealed.
- Robert S.
A very interesting and useful topic. The instructor offered fascinating insights into the types of analyses a forensic document examiner performs.
- Joy S.
A split screen showing the actual screen showing where this presenter used a laser pointer would have been helpful. Otherwise, excellent presentation.
- margaret e.
I thought this had a lot of excellent information delivered in a very interesting way.
- wendy l.
Really interesting. I hadn't given much thought before this presentation about these issues. It opened my eyes to the possibilities out there.
- Miriam G.
Very interesting!
- Monique P.
Fascinating subject matter. These tips will help attorneys determine whether something doesn't look quite right on documents at issue. Thank you for the presentation!
- Michelle V.
Wakshull knows document examination, and in a little over an hour is able to present an accessible cross-section of the issues that can arise and the methods used to overcome them. tl;dr: if you suspect forgery, hire a document examiner.
- Michael G.
Fascinating subject matter. Presented in a highly entertaining manner. This is the best CLE course I've watched.
- Anita v.
Really a very fascinating presentation. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs CLE credit, and anyone interested in forged documents.
- Vincent M.
I found the program extremely interesting. But on the Hitler Diaries It was William Broyles, Jr., who had just been hired as editor of Newsweek from Texas Monthly who purchased the U.S. rights cost him his job and Nwesweek a feww $million. Both recovered ; Broyles won Emmys and Oscar Newsweek keeps on printing.
- Ricky M.
Excellent lecturer!
- Lori G.
Very interesting. Makes you think twice about just about every document you come across. Speaker is first rate, gave lots of interesting examples. Thanks.
- Jennifer L.
It would have been nice to see visuals he was showing the in person class.
- Jean L.
interesting and entertaining...topic very interesting
- Robert Z.
Thank you LexVid for the "freebie".Just great
- Steven K.
I found this topic fascinating. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I enjoy taking CLEs that are outside my usual work area. Some of the questions for the audience were muffled and even by turning up volume I didn't get to hear them. But, the answers made it feel as if I could figure out the questions.
- Vivian T.
Fascinating information and a timely reminder to examine documents thoroughly. And....hire a qualified examiner when necessary.
- Diane Wolff R.
Excellent! One of the best. Highly recommended.
- Michael B.
Excellent instructor, excellent class. Couldn't ask for better. Very informative and fascinating!!!
- Lisbeth Jean S.
Sometimes CLE requirements lead to a good seminar with interesting content and this was one of those. I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn about this subject, in part to better protect my clients and also my own content.
- Jessica K.
I enjoyed it and learned quite a bit.
- Eileen S.
The instructor was great and the subject matter was interesting.
- Daniel T.
Fascinating but can be improved by: Larger or expandable versions of texts examined and discussed; Automatically moving to text examples as brought up in lecture (or prompt for moving ahead); Miking questioners from audience or having speaker repeat the question/comment.
- James J.
- Kelly O.
Fascinating and well taught, but as the instructor said - I'm not a lawyer - and it lacked the legal bridge.
- Karen B.
very thorough
- Alexander K.
Best offering I have seen on LexVid.
- Matthew K.
Interesting and thought-provoking material.
- Angela P.
Very entertaining speaker about endlessly fascinating topic.
- Don B.
Very interesting topic. For those who are completely new to this info, however, a slower pace might be helpful.
- Alexandra M.
Neat stuff!
- Brad K.
Good presentation and informative.
- Edward M.
I have some experience in forensic document examination and still found this quite useful.
- Jeffrey Z.
great course, from the title wasn't interested, but once the doc analysis started I was hooked, fake docs are probably ubiquitous, but costs $$! to show that. great course!
- Timothy M.
Exceptional presentation.
- Kathleen R.
red guitar
- john c.
- Amy Jane S.
this course was awesome! should be offered to the public even if not for lawyers, loved it!
- Iulia M.
Very interesting class
- Jean W.
It would have been more effective if you could see the items on the screen which the lecturer was pointing to!
- Jackie G.
Wish we had known about Mike when we had our forged deed case!
- Nancy Lee W.
Great course. Of of a few to hold my attention throughout the presentation.
- Megan B.
It was great and informative, but I would have preferred that the video show what was on the board as the instructor was speaking and pointing to it. Would be easier to follow his examples having that in the video as he as talking .
- Lauren L.
I wish the images could have been enlarged as I viewed them
- Marc B.
Well done! Fascinating subject matter
- Alan B.
Very Informative!
- Ronald D.
Excellent presentation and information. One of best cle ever
- Vivian P.
Unique subject and content, paired with a very good instructor!
- Diana L.
Engaging speaker. Very interesting. I learned a lot.
- Kathrine L.
Great course ...
- Andrew B.
Great presentation, and very interesting topic! Although not particularly relevant to my legal practice, the "inner geek" in me very much enjoyed learning how this kind of thing is done! Again, very enjoyable...
- Richard K.
Very interesting.
- Dan E.
Really, really interesting !!
Very informative. i immediately realized that my client may be right about a document she claims she did not sign nor has she ever seen it before.
- Oma N.
Great learned a lot it can help me in a current case.
- vida f.
Best course I've taken from this package so far.
- Harrison P.
Probably the most fun I've had to date on Lexvid. Enthralling topic!
- Phil E.
Interesting and obviously knowledgeable Speaker, but frequent speaker/audience interaction often leaves the (LexVid) viewer/listener in the dark (because the v/l cannot make out what the audience member is saying).
- Donald C.
Very interesting.
- Norman H.
- Thomas N.
Great, I really appreciated it.
- Alexander R.
Very interesting and educational.
- Colleen W.
Very interesting and informative presentation. Quite enjoyed it!
- Kenneth O.
This was more of an expert offering comment on issues than a legal cle
- Robert S.
Very entertaining. Love the interactive style.
Helpful to know as a lawyer.
- Deborah H.
Fascinating program on methods for detecting altered documents. Great examples!
- Rachel R.
a must listen
- terry b.
Great multimedia use.
- Jonathan W.
The instructor knew his material and presented it in an interesting and professional manner.
- Allen David H.
Best and most interesting course of the bunch Enjoyed it.
- Steven M.
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