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Why Clients Turn on Their Lawyers Reviews

Very good advice
- Diane G.
I recommended this course--and this program--to the rest of the partners at my firm. Very convenient and educational. Thank you,
- Steven B.
This is a really well done course....very interesting and informative. Every lawyer needs to take this course!
- Katherine D.
Very good and practical advice.
- Luis R.
Very interesting. Really liked this program. Practical advice.
- Alicia B.
She's good - and funny! Keeps my attention...
- Shannon C.
There was a lot of overlap between this course and this attorney's other LawVid course.
- Frederick R.
Very good presentation.
- Chris V.
I really benefitted from this presentation. I want to get the presenter's book, but didn't get the title or her full name.
- Catherine S.
Well organized with helpful, practical advice.
- Julie S.
Great course! Ms. Sobel is one of the best lecturers you have.
- Renee P.
Good speaker. Would have been nice to get printed citations to the two cases discussed.
- Shirley S.
The course satisfied the requirement, but I would not recommend it to a colleague. Having the presenter read the slides is boring and was not the best use of my time, nor was it engaging.
- Jodie S.
This was the best ethics course I've ever had. The information presented was very practical. The course reminds us of the value of simply being polite and considerate to our clients.
- Steven T.
great instructor ! loved it
- Judy Y.
Good and necessary class on importance of being patient and communicating clearly and sympathetically with clients.
- Howard P.
this was an excellent course. it provided valuable insight re attny/client relationships.
- Barbara E.
Well done!
- Nancy Lee W.
Very useful information. Helps me understand clients' perspective more.
- Anh N.
Great refresher
- Rita B.
The instructor of this ethical course is fantastic!
- Jeffrey N.
Ms. Sobel was great but some materials were also used in another presentation, a bit redundant.
I appreciate Ms. Sobel's common sense approach to her subject; when so much of law is so darn technical and obtuse, even for an attorney, Ms. Sobel is refreshingly straight forward and comprehensible.
- Michael W.
Quite repetitive of material in other courses by the same presenter. :-(
- Molly B.
I liked the presenter and she was well organized, except for one point in the middle where she lost her place and fumbled around with pages.
- Michael C.
great advice
- Kevin D.
the course was simple and very effective. there are a couple of basic rules to follow, so I enjoyed the program a lot.
- Milene M.
Presentation of common sense information that all attorneys need to be reminded of. Would be nice if citations to the cases cited by speaker were included in the materials so that after the video, the cases could be easily found and reviewed.
- Jamie H.
Very good, commonsense (from a practicing attorney perspective) information.
- Blaine B.
Course instructor is amazing and helpful and goes directly to the heart of the problems we all experience as attorneys. She is a gift to our profession.
- Andra V.
Very good presentation, full of interesting information that will be useful in my practice and helpful to avoid with clients. It would have been good for her to avoid plugging the book so much.
- Robert L.
Interesting thoughts on the psychology of client angst and how to be very cordial and pleasant in the face of unpleasantness. Instructor is reassuring. Would hope to have opposing counsel like her.
- Michael G.
good job
- Reedy Macque S.
This is so the way it should be and so the way it is not - wish law schools could weed out the bad apples.
- Stephan P.
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