Do the Right Thing in Cyber Space: Privilege & Ethics in the Digital Age Reviews

Really appreciate the convenience and the content was both informative and timely. Thanks!
- Christopher G.
This was a very good program. This particular speaker clearly had a lot of knowledge to share - I would have listened to two full hours.
- Rosa P.
Great information
- Rebecca E.
The gentleman is plainly knowledgeable and the information was very useful.
- Bonnie B.
The video repeatedly stopped "burped" and would eventually restart. Other than that...excellent content and presentation.
- Elen Pass B.
Effective/knowledgeable expert in this area of law. Great presentation.
- Jaime S.
- Stephen J.
I had heard of the Clawback agreement, but sis not know what it was. Now I do!
- Gloria G.
Easy to listen to and I liked that he mixed things up with the creative media.
- MaryBeth L.
Excellent presentation of an attorney's duty to keep abreast of obligation to preserve attorney client confidentiality in the electronic age. Norbert W
- Norbert W.
The Power Point slides seemed to be out of order and/or missing some content. Otherwise, great presentation and very informative.
- Kimberly C.
Good presentation. I would have liked more California specific information on Codes and Rules.s
- robert p.
Very insightful. Will change the way I practice.
- Mark B.
A lot to chew on, well presented!
- Barbara S.
Excellent information. Easy to listen to.
- Jerri C.
Very informative
- Lebertha U.
Very informative. Well organized. Practical and helpful.
- Thomas L.
Mr. Rashbaum is very knowledgeable. He is up on case law and professional responsibility provisions, and his discussion incorporates relevant rules and cases (not to mention an old clip from Get Smart). This is a well thought-out hour on traps for the unwary that exist with internet, cloud and other digital systems that we tend to take for granted.
- Robert E.
wonderful program and wonderful speaker.
- Yii-Chwen P.
i like him! wish all presenters were as easy to listen to...LOVE the Cone of Silence!!!
- Peter C.
Excellent presentation!
- Peter G.
The course was great and extremely convenient. I will take more of these courses in the future.
- Cordelia H.
Excellent presentation
- Russell L.
Thought provoking!
- susan y.
Sad that it has come to this .....
- David V.
Excellent presentation.
- William E.
Good overview.
- Daniel M.
Nice to learn
- D C Jim D.
This was invalueable information well presented.
- Kevin D.
You need to know the pitfalls of social media.
- Harry J N.
The course was incredibly informative. The instructor was very knowledgeable and conveyed subject matter clearly. I do have one complaint, and that is - due to the amount of information that the instructor wanted to cover, he sometimes went to fast through some of the applications of the rules scenarios a little to quickly. Perhaps not too quickly if I wasn't taking notes, but because I was taking a lot of notes (to help me retain the material ) sometimes it was hard to keep up. Maybe this would be a good 90 minute course.
- Mark W.
This was terrific, entertaining and useful.
- Edward P.
Put together exceptionally well.
- Thomas P.
Great presentation - concise and informative on issues I need to be aware of.
- Catherine W.
- Andrea N.
Great! Informative, well-paced, and presented by a great speaker.
- Joshua S.
Good program
- Timothy C.
Nice presentation. Enjoyed the speaker's delivery and content.
- Michael S.
After this class,I will be very careful to get proper help. The lesson is beware.
- Linda S.
Top notch! Mr. Rashbaum provided an excellent review of ethics in the digital age.
- Juliet O.
I'll no longer send sensitive emails to my clients at their work email address, unless I'm representing the company where they work.
- William S.
Very thorough and timely!
- Kayla X.
The instructor was very knowledgeable. This course is extremely important. Every lawyer should take this. Talks extensively on email communication. Who does not use email nowadays. This is an essential training for all lawyers.
- Herbert L.
Nice lecture
- Steven P.
Super job. Knows the subject well.
- Charles O.
Is thus how they talk in NY city? This man's delivery is so much like Trumps -- parentheticals & repeating phrases at ends if sentences. It's annoying but someone either taught them thus or it is his they do it in NY.
- Barbara H.
Excellent. Impressive.
Well done. Thank you.
- Brian F.
great job! very interesting!
- Mary M.
As a cyber attorney, it was a pleasure to listen to this lecturer. He clearly knows the subject matter and can relate it in a conversational mode.
- Thomas V.
- xiaochun j.
This was extremely important and relevant. I really enjoyed it.
- Michelle Q.
Critical information and excellent presentation. An hour well spent.
- Jill S.
This is a very good presentation of a complex area that is fairly new in the legal field. I wish at times that more detail could have been provided and may need to revisit parts of this presentation
- Shirley S.
Good presenter.
- Stuart S.
Some practical aspects which were instructive.
- Michael R.
I loved the clip from Get Smart!
- Michael S.
Great talk
- Kimberly G.
only critique is that speaker seemed to be running out of time, and didn't give last 10 slides (or so) the same amount of discussion as the earlier material
- Marc V.
Very organized and thoughtful educational presentation.
- Stephen P.
The best program by far in this bundle. Smart, focused, knowledgeable presentation by Mr. Rashbaum. Very impressive and loaded with useful information for litigators.
- Joseph S.
Nice balance of humor and substance, engaging the viewer while remaining consummately professional. My only suggestion would be for the presenter to interject an announcement of changes to the slides, which the viewer fortunately can manually advance - the slides follow the lecture content well.
- Paul S.
Good information. Too many stops on the video (or on my computer?)
- Helene W.
In my opinion, more time is needed to discuss this subject. Additionally, some primer on some of the technical terms may make more effective the discussion of the effects regarding privilege and discovery in the world of the internet
- James M.
Excellent overview!!! I've always suspected that privacy and ethical considerations trump the convenience of the "cloud."
- Rita R. L.
Very relevant and useful information.
- Anqi Y.
Very informative
- Melissa S.
The instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject matter. It made it fun to learn the material.
- Shamala F.
excellent speaker; well versed on topic and provided timely, highly useful information
- John T.
Excellent and engaging course that is relevant to all practicing attorneys.
- melinda s.
Informative and very engaging presentation. Especially enjoyed the clip from "Get Smart!" Thank you!
- Cynthia H.
This is the most informative and engaging presentation of all I have watched this year. I enjoyed the practical examples.
- Lyn S.
Fantastic overview!
- Michael U.
GREAT PUBLIC SPEAKER - you can tell that speaker is probably a professor of law
- Judy Y.
Excellent course on trending topic
- Scott S.
Absolutely excellent
- James B.
Top notch, well presented.
- Richard F.
This was really good. I will start using this information right now and continue to update.
- Herbert H.
This was my favorite of the six or so LexVid videos I've watched, possibly because of its timely relevance.
- Orlando P.
A thought provoking presentation, especially for those of us of the dinosaur era.
- Mark P.
Excellent presentation.
- Morton S.
- JoEllen B.
Very good course on an increasingly important topic!
- Ginna K.
very informative and interesting
- Joseph A.
It was good but this is such a complicated area that a 1 hour CLE can't really cover itl
- Victoria V.
he was pretty dry, but the material is interesting and relevant
- Steven S.
very informative.
- Thomas B.
Excellent presentation!
- Denise S.
Excellent presentation.
- David P.
This ethical course on how to handle privileged information and communication on the internet and in our new digital age was well presented and very informative.
- Jeffrey N.
Very well presented. Basically an overview; some topics require updating and more detail.
- Michael W.
Very useful information.
- Tudor C.
Good practical overview. I can see using this information, even though I am not currently in practice.
- Ana M.
Another excellent CLE, extremely informative and timely. This area contains a multitude of moving parts, continuously changing, its difficult for some attorneys to keep current. The presenter really provided a great deal of information, some of which I had given little thought before. I hope this presenter will consider updating and expanding this program in the future.
- MaryAnn M.
Excellent program which has made me realize I have to become more competent in dealing with current technology.
- Linda R.
I enjoyed the instructor
- George Christopher R.
Great presentation style and real world examples.
- Syntha Holly B.
Content excellent! The digital age is here.
- Sandra A.
Too much information for a 56 minute presentation, but it was extremely valuable.
- Judith C.
really on point substantive information.
- T.E. G.
Fabulous information!
- Alana C.
Video quality was excellent.
- Sean C.
Helpful review.
- Jan K.
very informative and good reminders
- Wendie E.
One of the more engaging presenters. I definitely recommend this hour for its content and focus on current issues concerning electronic discovery and The Cloud.
- Kristin F.
The presenter was knowledgeable and engaging. This seminar was packed with lots of useful information. Thank you!
- Cindy A.
This was a very thorough presentation on ethical issues relative to cyberspace and on line matters. Well done.
- Kathleen B.
very knowledgeable and thoughtful presentation
- James S.
one of the best presentations on this subject I've seen.
- Neil C.
Great slides! I liked the Cone of Silence video.
- Dennis S.
Great program. So much information that a longer program would be helpful.
- Joan Y.
Some good reminders regarding privilege and ethical considerations with electronic discovery issues.
- Deverie C.
Very informative.
- Angelee V.
Best so far!
- George C.
Superb presentation. Substantive, interesting, excellent examples. Wonderful use of concurrent slides--lots of details.
- Ann F.
Excellent presentation.
- Linda P.
Very good presentation. Opened my eyes about a number of things we take for granted in working with clients (email communications, cloud backup).
- Alison T.
Presenter made a pretty dry topic quite interesting!
- Melissa B.
Good course.
- John M.
Excellent subject and very relevant for all attorneys in todays digital age. Must see for every lawyer.
- James V.
This was an outstanding, practical and helpful overview.
- Richard M.
Very good presentation Instructor was very knowledgeable and up to date
- Gene E.
Very interesting material. Instructor was very well versed. Liked this!
- Jean W.
Targeted to large law firms.
- Galen P.
- vida f.
Presentation was excellent in all categories, it is a 10!!
- Milan R.
- Russell L.
Loved this program! The speaker was awesome.
- Marguerite B.
Excellent presentation. Loved the reference to and clip from "Get Smart."
- Traci C.
Extremely relevant material presented in an easy to understand discussion.
- Catherine Anne S.
very interesting.
- Jan H.
very good content and delivery
- Adam P.
Clearly an expert, I found the discussion extremely interesting and easy to follow.
- David W.
Great content and presentation! Thanks again!
- Dianne B.
engaging presenter. very good cle.
- Sarah G.
This was a great speaker with very interesting and relevant topics about technology in our modern era. Highly recommend.
- Tobey F.
- Thomas C.
This is an excellent topic. I wish there were many more going into detail that would educate attorneys on their ethical responsibilities to keep up to date on developments with computers and digital media,
- Patrick T.
This was a good overview of some ethical issues involved in recent technology developments. I would recommend.
- Seth J.
very good presentation
- Eugene L.
Very informative Lecture. Also appreciate the levity that was introduced by way of Don Adams
- Christopher H.
- Casimir W.
Very informative and current topic, especially useful for private practice attorneys and small firms.
- Evelyn E.
Excellent instructor - very knowledgeable on the topic; probably could have gone another 15 minutes for completeness and a few more examples
- Dawn C.
Very good class. Very timely information
- Pattie C.
well done
- William B.
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