Common Ethical Pitfalls for Litigators and In-house Counsel

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CA1.25(Includes 1.25 Ethics)
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Common Ethical Pitfalls for Litigators and In-house Counsel
Common Ethical Pitfalls for Litigators and In-house Counsel

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Course Credit Hours: CA 1.25 Ethics
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Course Description

In this ethics program, a group of experienced trial lawyers discuss ethical pitfalls litigators and in house counsel need to steer clear of. Presentations include:

The Convergence of Ethics and Bad Faith: Trial lawyer Ellis Murov discusses Model rules 1.1, 1.2(c), 1.3, 1.4(a)(3), 1.4(b), 1.7(a)(1), 1.9(a), 1.16(b)(1) and 1.16(d) in the context of an evolving case that went to the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on multiple occasions and that eventually included malpractice and bad faith allegations.

Ethical Morasses Facing In-House Counsel Managing Litigation: Trial lawyer David Spector addresses pre- and post-closing ethical and privilege considerations in mergers and acquisitions, and avoiding ethical errors while managing litigation.

Disqualification of Trial Counsel - Necessary for Fairness or Unfair Tactic: Recently, the number of motions by parties to disqualify the trial counsel of the adverse party seem to be increasing. There are many ethics issues associated with the grounds advanced in support of these motions, mostly centered on theories of conflict of interest or breach of duty of loyalty. But are the concerns which are generally expressed by the moving parties in these motions truly based upon ethics issues, or strictly a tactic aimed at obtaining an unfair advantage?

How To Keep Your Head When All About You Are Losing Theirs And Blaming You?: When do in house and retained counsel trade a bar number for prison bars? Trial lawyer Marshall Grossman will discuss the ethical pitfalls in every day decisions which can ensure an end to your career.

Published 1/8/2014

Length: 1hr 18min

Member Reviews

Worthwhile-especially for in-house counsel issues
- Deborah M.
David Spector and Marshall Grossman's presentations were particularly powerful. All four speakers were outstanding.
- Elizabeth V.
quite good
- Eugene L.
Very Interesting. I liked that there were multiple speakers on one subject.
- Giselle A.
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