Ethical Pitfalls and Legal Risks for Attorneys as Business Associates Under HIPAA Reviews

Any individual working with medical records in their business should see this presentation for their own protection, excellent, no nonsense presentation every word significant.
- Sandra G.
If you deal with any protected health information you should watch this CLE. It is very informative. I strongly recommend it.
- Robert L.
I thought that the presenter was very well versed in this area and presented complex information in a logical and well thought out way.
- Gregory C.
Very informative, will download and save the course materials. Thank you.
- Eric T.
A wealth of useful information presented in a methodic digestible form
- Philip B.
Excellent- great content
- Francine W.
Good refresher.
- Pamela D.
instructor just read the materials..
- Thad F.
- Andrea H.
presenter was knowledgeable but very monotone
- Mark P.
As a health care lawyer I frequently enter into HIPAA agreements with my clients and I found this presentation very helpful and informative. Well organized and nicely presented.
- Judith S.
quite an eye opener.
- John L.
One of the best course I have taken. Excellent information on HIPPA and compliance.
- Sherita L.
Very informative.
- Alissa A.
Excellent. Very clear presentation of a difficult topic.
- Evelyn S.
Great course!
- Philip F.
Informative presentation; made the complicated subject matter easy to understand.
- Jennifer W.
Good material. I am also a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and the program has provided reminders to update my office procedures for both practices.
- Linda R.
Good but dry
- Josephine F.
Excellent tips on establishing and evaluating prudent HIPPA and PHI practices.
- Mia S. W.
Very informative. Attaching a PDF copy of the slide show with editable text/text that is able to be copied into a note document is very helpful to follow along with. Thank you.
- Ian B.
fantastic presentation. Angelica A
- Angelica A.
Nice job, good overview of issues
- Richard F.
Thorough coverage on a complex set of laws.
- Janis W.
The presentation was a little deadpan. The presenter mostly read from written materials, without much variation in style.
- Thomas M.
- thomas m.
Excellent and thorough overview; very well organized.
- Bob C.
a little drier than others...maybe due to the subject!
- Nancy B.
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