Estate Planning Non-Traditional Couples Reviews

Outstanding presentation. The speaker held my interest straight through to the end. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an estate planning attorney.
- Barry M.
- thomas h. k.
I learned a lot. Very knowledgeable speaker. Thank you
- Mohammad K.
Extremely thorough, interesting and informative!
- Laura K.
Good personal examples. Also, very useful chart contrasting legal and non-legal relationships under different types of estate planning options.
- William P.
Excellent combination of tax considerations, family dynamic issues, and social reality.
- Donna K.
This was fantastically eye-opening! Thank you! More like this, please!
- Monica W.
This course brings up a lot of good points to consider when dealing with estate planning clients.
- Joel H.
She was AMAZING!!!
- shelly b.
The CA law isn't applicable to me in TX, but the federal tax ramifications are. This presented some possible fact situations I hadn't thought through before.
- Linda M.
- sherry f.
Very clear and very helpful information.
- Alice A.
Wonderful speaker, excellent presentation.
- Geraldine M.
- D C Jim D.
Very interesting!
- Alisa K.
Great content, especially for attorneys who want to brush up on changes in wills and trusts since law school. Interesting and useful information.
- Kathleen L.
Very good presentation. Easy to listen to but not monotone or dull. I would enjoy seeing more least from her. In
- Brendan K.
Impressive ability to distill complicated matter into a suscinct presentation.
- Sue K.
Very good!
- Stuart H.
I would rate the presenter and the presentation as probably the best/most informative, in all the year of taking CLE on line.
- Edward D.
Great, thank you.
- Charles L.
Very interesting and a good reminder of what to do in these Non-traditional relationships.
- Diana A.
It has supplemented my understanding of estate planning. RDP is new to me (didn't think about it before).
- Felix W.
Very interesting.
- Catherine L.
very good
- john l.
I am a very concervative individual so the subject of the video is not the kind of law I would practice. I am a traditional attorney. I think you have a great program and thankyou for letting me try it out for free.
- Richard K.
Very informational!
- Joseph H.
Very informative!
- Leonora L.
Excellent. Very knowledgeable presentation.
- Stephen M G.
great primer
- Pattie C.
This was my first MCLE course on LexVid and I must say, I was impressed. This will definitely enhance my practice. I hope all your courses are of this quality.
- john d.
Excellent knowledge and presentation.
- William H.
Excellent program and speaker.
- Margo K.
- stephen r.
Excellent - very articulate, thorough and easy to listen to.
- E. Christine L.
This course could have been longer & more comprehensive, it has good content!
- Linda Z.
The comparison chart was so small as to be unreadable by these old eyes.
- James H.
Excellent presentation! Very informative and clearly presented!
- Rey M.
no written material
- David H.
Good delivery on interesting material.
- Dan H.
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