Estate Planning & Financial Security for Attorneys: Lessons from the Housing Crisis Reviews

This is my fifty-third year in practice. This is the best and most relevant CLE course I have taken. My compliments both to you and the lecturer! Keep it up.
- Joseph R.
Very informative
- Markos D.
Should be Required. Great!
- Sheila M.
This should be mandatory. Thank you.
- Kyle C.
Great information, very well presented.
- Lorin M.
Excellent. Great inclusion of related, interacting, indeed critical, subject matter: politics, history, psychology and health. All important parts of the picture.
- William E. H.
Overall, outstanding, although he lost me when he recommended no longer eating meat! Great information. Wish I personally had had it 20 years ago!
- Sylvia L.
Fantastic presentation with very helpful information from start to finish.
- Rebekah S.
Average course
- Abdul G.
Don't feel info about plant based diet appropriate for legal education
- Michelle H.
Fantastic information!
- Linda F.
Extremely relevant material and well presented.
- Dennis B.
Presenter stated exactly one rule of law, having to do with post-Dodd-Frank lending rules. ENTIRE rest of presentation consisted of anecdotal discussion of such topics as the desirability of a vegetarian diet and the risks of over-borrowing, and a great deal of opinion on suitable financial investments for wealth-building. This wasn't a CLE at all, and I'm unsurprised it's worth 0 in Texas.
- Christopher L.
Can i give it 10 stars instead of 5? I am in my low 30s, and this is the most useful video ever. Thanks LexVid for sharing him, and huge thanks to Mr. Laturno. Gotta watch it again.
- ana florencia i.
I really like this lecturer, and he is knowledgeable on the subject.
- Michael S.
A very good presentation! Thank you
Good overview of trying to create wealth for yourself.
- Robert K.
Excellent! One of the best!
- Michael D. O.
Super outstanding information well presented. so glad I heard it. Intend to study my notes, his slides, and look at this website, etc.
- Deborah H.
A must for everyone. Excellent.
- Thomas G.
This course exceeded my expectations in every way. Great practical financial and lifestyle advice!
- Steven G.
my first review. the course was outstanding.
- Christopher R.
excellent insight and overview of financial and general lifetime concerns.
- Evan B.
- Sagrario P.
My favorite Lexvid presentation so far!
- Jeremy D.
I agree with the advice to invest in low cost stock index funds, but I disagree with his advice to rent real estate rather than own.
- David M.
One of the best out of your whole catalog of programs.
- James D.
Best video on LexVid. His St. Paul, Minnesota sensibility should be welcomed insight to all. I could have watched another hour of this program and still have been glued to the screen.
- Alan F.
This was a very well presented course, and I learned a lot that I can use in my own life (I am 65) and can impart to my younger colleagues. I learned a great deal -- that I have made some bad decisions but also some good ones that I had questioned. I intend to follow many of the ideas presented. Glad I selected this program! Thank you!
- Helen S.
Excellent course.
- Gary G.
Virtually no discussion of estate planning.
- Jonathan R.
Great content. Thank you. I learned a lot.
- Thomas W.
Absolutely wonderful and informative! Thank you!!
- Alina V.
Fantastic subject matter; terrific course; excellent, unbeatable presenter / speaker. Mr. Laturno is simply great, generous with very useful information ... really quite a lifesaver. This may be the very best MCLE class that I have ever taken, after being a practicing attorney in California since 1978 ... nearly 40 years! Thank you, Mr. Laturno!
LOVED THIS! No one ever talks about simple economics and the economics of the legal profession. I would watch this guy talk anywhere. More please.
- Suzanne S.
Great presentation and great info!
- Jennifer P.
Great advice on investing and spending money.
- Steven W.
Very anecdotal, and not with much actual law, but interesting nonetheless.
- Barbara R.
Extremely informative and full of practical information.
- Cynthia S.
Really enjoyed your class.
- Linda S.
Excellent common sense approach to investing and living for all income levels.
- Laura C.
This was a great course for anyone-- not just attorneys!
- ilana s.
Excellent, excellent program!!! Received a wealth of information! Thank you!
- Catalina V.
This is the best of your presentations.
thanks for dissing the credit myth in our country.
- John Z.
Amazing, and informative. Even gives you health advice. Thank you!!!!!!!
- Mori N.
Awesome course. Gary has great information and I highly recommend this course for everyone!!! A+!
- Julie S.
Spectacular! Most informative MCLE I've ever participated in!!
- Jodi S.
Probably the most important information you will find here. Easily worth the price of the subscription by itself.
- Michael S.
One of the most informative MCLE's I've seen on LexVid. I'd like to see more from this presenter.
- Yvonne G.
Helpful content.
- Jerald P.
Good common sense tips
- Heather S.
Engaging presentation of top notch info that challenges some old ways of thinking for today's investment environment.
- Thomas H.
This presentation was such an eye opener with solid truths and good common sense. Every professional can benefit personally from this course.
- Linda T.
This is the best CLE course I have ever viewed!
- Donald T.
This was a great course. While I agree with the presenter's take on a plant-based diet, I think a mention and some reading was a good information, but more information on estate planning would have been more useful for me. Regardless, this was great CLE. Glad I took it. Required or not.
- Melissa S.
Don't buy a house. Invest in index funds. Eat a plant-based diet. Don't always believe your doctor. These were the tips in this 2-hour video.
- Pouria Y.
Excellent presentation. Came close to the line of "preaching" but never crossed it.
- Jonathan S.
This was the best and most informative seminar I have seen in many years! The instructor was amazing! Thank you!
- Robert O.
Great Course
- Robert w.
Very good!
- Jeffrey S.
This was one of the most helpful and relevant MCLE courses I have ever had.
- Catherine W.
This course is basically an advertisement of a book written by the presenter. It is also a number of unsolicited advises re. house purchases.
- Alexis R.
He is a very interesting speaker. It's more life advice than CLE, some parts more specific to the topic than other parts.
- Lauren S.
This is my second time attending the program in the past few years...well worth doing with lots of very valuable information.
- Phyllis S.
Terrific course
- Katherine R.
- Carla P.
Of the hundreds of CLE hours I have taken, this is by far the best course.
- John P.
Excellent program
- Steven R.
Exceptional information; exceptional presentation
- Mark H.
This was not what I anticipated. I didn't want a lecture on how I should manage my money. Probably my mistake in selecting this course
- Judith T.
this was very informative and excellent
- Ann R.
Awesome financial advice for lawyers. Practical and timely.
- Lisa J.
Really enjoyed this! Very important material.
- Daniel R.
This was the best of the LexVid courses that I have taken.
- Steven A.
Very interesting and informative presentation.
- Robert G.
This course is probably the most worthwhile of all the CLE classes I have taken, not from a professional standpoint but from a personal one. Some of it felt a little preachy (plant based diet) but overall it was great. Very good written materials as well. A very nice break from the usual CLE topics.
- Daniel C.
The title should be: "Financial Investing and Plant Based Diets for Attorneys." Very little information on estate planning. Program informative nonetheless. Mr. Laturno meant well and had the interests of his audience at heart even if he did stray from the program.
- Gene W.
excellent speaker, great handouts - thank you !
- Judy Y.
This course literally changed my life!
- Nicole E.
EXCELLENT presentation.....very timely!
- Anne M.
There is too much, unneeded discussion about a plant based diet. Otherwise, the remaining material was helpful and well received.
- Christine G.
Excellent presentation, easy to follow and comprehend.
- Stuart R.
Excellent information!
- Marisa M.
Very helpful! Best course so far! Thank you!
- Janessa W.
interesting perspective, and well as historical perspective
- llona P.
Best, most informative and useful CLE course I've taken, to date!
- Michele-Lynn L.
Excellent speaker!!
- Scott V.
By far the best CLE ever and he is preaching to the choir when I watched this. Great information on responsible money management, health and lifestyle.
- Chris V.
Life changing -- best CLE
I think that everybody could benefit from watching the information presented in this video. Well done!
- Russell L.
- Michael R.
So far, best video of the bunch, far and away.
- michael S.
Far and away the best CLE video I have ever seen. Life changing. Thank you!!!!!
- Christian C.
Great information
- Geraldyne C.
This course was absolutely amazing. The presenter provided practical information that went far beyond the typical CLE course. I felt he provided tools that were not only useful for my clients, but for me personally. I would recommend that every CLE trainer completes this course before presenting.
- Jacques L.
I did not like the "bbok sales presentation" at the beginning. Financial Planning presented seemed dated ie more then 2 years old not current.
- Eurus C.
Why Didn't I get this info in College or Law school?
- Larry D.
Excellent and thorough presentation. Highly recommend. Also, as a person who has long advocated a plant-based diet, I was pleasantly surprised at the information towards the end containing information about how plant based diets can help keep health care costs down, a goal of financial stability seekers in retirement years.
- Lori F.
good presentation as long as avoided giving medical advice, he had some bias in his views of patient's responsibility for their medical care and minimized value of invasive cardiovascular procedures
- Daniel B.
Very informative and practical advice.
- alexandra f.
- Jon C.
Excellently done.
- Diana A.
very informative.
- Madeleine S.
Great info!
- Thomas S.
Very important and informative topic for anyone!
- Tracy C.
Awesome course!
- Robert I.
Very good overview of financial objectives.
- Berry C.
Excellent. Although not directly related to helping clients I have known many attorneys who have gone bankrupt by not looking after their own financial interest.
- Sharon B.
Very helpful and informative. I found the topic itself fascinating, and the presentation style was very effective.
- Justin C.
- shirley r.
Really great program!
- Gretchen C.
Absolutely fantastic course and a must for every entrepreneur. If I could give him a 10, I would.
- Alexander K.
Good financial advice and life advice, including how imperative it is to eat a plant based diet - in addition to all the other reasons, it will improve your longterm health and thereby save you a lot of money in medical expenses.
- Heather Y.
- Joseph H.
excellent-good one
- David K.
Surprisingly good! Give the presenter an A+.
- Drew H.
Fantastic Course. I think every attorney should watch this course.
- Douglas W.
Great course
- Richard R.
He really gave good advice. My advice to him is cut down on the um um um um. Distracting.
- Stephan P.
A little too much time spent on eating a healthy diet. Clearly medical expenses can drain your estate and that is good to know but most people do not go an attorney to be advised that a vegetarian diet is a critical part of estate planning. Otherwise, the presentation was very good and informative.
- Hugh B.
Interesting, but not really related to legal education.
- Tara B.
Not much legal content but plenty of common sense content
- Stanley L.
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