Constitutional Restrictions on Erotic Speech Under the First Amendment Reviews

Very interesting!!
- Jeremy D.
Informative and Interesting. Easy to follow as well.
- James S.
Very good
- Elliot T.
Good discussion of the evolution and current status of free speech in general. Incorporates some things I did not expect such as the effect of speech in connection with a conviction.
- Harry R.
The presenter was articulate and provided interesting information. If I had one complaint, his frequent asides indicating his personal viewpoint were distracting from the legal arguments.
- Helene K.
Good information about the importance of the First Amendment
- james m.
Great information
- Garrick F.
An excellent, complete and compelling presentation. Well done.
- Marianne R.
I thought Mr. Walters' presentation was great. I very much liked that he took the time (and exercised the intellectual discernment) to contrast the legal and practical concerns regarding "obscenity" and/or erotic speech.
- M Scott M.
Clear presentation of a broad topic.
- Shirley S.
very good
- David S.
Articulate speaker. Fascinating topic.
- Jamie F.
Best program I have listened to on this site. Thank you.
- Elizabeth Z.
good course but references to "Behind the Green Door", "The Devil In Miss Jones" etcetera may not be within the realm of knowledge of today's young attorneys. "Classic Porn" perhaps ?
- Michael W.
Best of your CLEs so far
- Gary F.
good outline included
- Timothy S.
Pleased by the quality of the prsentation
- Jonathan S.
I have taken six courses so far and what I can't believe is how much I'm enjoying them. It has ceased to be "satisfy the MCLE requirement" and become "learn about the legal area."
- Julian R.
good lecture
- james t.
Balanced presentation on a hot button issue in certain communities or among certain groups that would prefer that the First Amendment were not part of the Constitution.
- Art S.
This presenter's bias causes a lapse in presentation of relevant materials that would be helpful to practitioners who need to understand both sides of the argument.
- Lori V.
Great overview. This guy knows his stuff.
- Anthony B.
excellent course
- Barbara E.
- Tiffani W.
Great Instructor; very clear and knowlegeable.
- Thomas W.
Well done!
- Douglas O.
Found the presentation to be very informative and brought up some good points
- Jyoti R.
Excellent presentation.
- Morton S.
Very engaging and easy to follow.
- Carrie P.
hard to read slides. Good material
- Jill K.
Professional Performance.
- Louis Estrada R.
Excellent Presentation
- David Lee S.
Well done presentation on an area I haven't visited since law school. Good material and discussion on difficulty in drawing lines and prosecuting.
- Janis W.
Very thorough review!
- Denise S.
more interesting than average
- andrew h.
Very good written materials
- William E. H.
Very interesting topic - well presented
- Frank B.
Excellent presentation on a topic that helps define the breadth and depth of our constitutional rights of free speech.
- Joan B.
- D C Jim D.
Start drafting your memoirs, counselor. You have seen some stuff!
- John M.
Not something I think I will ever need but very interesting
Fascinating presentation by an expert.
- Sarah Jane B.
Very informative and well-presented.
- Justin C.
Clear, concise, and professional presentation of a controversial topic. Walters is clearly an expert in this area. Highly recommend.
- Scott M.
Excellent presentation both in content and delivery.
- Jeremy C.
Well done.
- Bruce H.
Very clear presentation. I will definitely look for other presentations by this practitioner.
- Kristin Feitelson P.
Great, fascinating preso. I dinged you on the NSA talk, but this was solid. Thanks.
- Craig C.
Very good. The time flew right by.
- David R.
The presentation has excellent coverage of the topic by an attorney who is experienced in the subject matter. Even if it's not your legal field, the video is worth watching for intellectual curiosity.
- Kenneth C.
One of the best presented and most interesting programs I've listened to on this site.
- Kevin C.
Extremely well written and presented. The hour flew by quickly and this was an opportunity to revisit an area that I have been out of touch with for a few years. Probably the best Lexvid video yet.
- Alicia B.
Sober, scholarly review.
- Ralph A.
Well presented with excellent knowledge of topic and relevant law.
- Charles B.
This attorney really knows what he is doing and really presents well.
- Michael Y.
The content and presentation was excellent. I am not so sure about being so permissive in the area of child pornography.
- Douglas C.
Very informative.
- Matthew D.
Interesting topic!
- Amy H.
Good general overview of the current restrictions on First Amendment free speech rights.
- Richard H.
- thomas mc s.
Potentially topic that could cause embarrassment, handled very professionally. Well done.
- Milan R.
- Russell L.