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Unconscious Bias and the Legal Profession Reviews

Great presentation!
- Katherine R.
Great program.
- Joy C.
Important and eye-opening!
- Sharon R.
Excellent program. The judge presents the issues in a thought provoking, memorable way. Very eye-opening and well worth the time.
- Nicole M.
- Keshet S.
Very well presented material that was thought provoking and important for all attorneys (and people in general) to think about.
- Marsha D.
- Christopher B.
Fantastic presentation & presenter. I learned about myself and biases we all have, but never really address or talk about. As judges, it is important to be unbiased--hopefully, this makes me better and more objective.
- Jaime S.
It would have been good to see the slides she was discussing.
- Katherine B.
A thought provoking presentation
- Philip B.
Very interesting and enlightening information.
- Allen H.
I am glad I took this course. I had some theories about judges and juries over the years that now are more understandable for me.
- william s.
I have been aware of these bias studies for years. But I wasn't aware of the glaring inadequacies of judges who intuit just as much as the average person, absent clear deliberation. The most important fact I learned is that the legal community, with judges at the summit, should be made aware of these studies on bias so that they employ more deliberation in their decisions. The studies are no more than sociological readings unless they are used as teaching tools by those who are the most responsible for the fate of those who are routinely discriminated against.
- Harriette L.
Wonderful coure
- Michael K.
Wow!!! This was an amazingly informative and helpful CLE. Thank you!!!
- Mpatanishi T.
Slides discussed in program not shown.
- E. Christine L.
Great course. The speaker seemed very compassionate and very concerned about the problem she was addressing. Well presented!
- Frank B.
did not see written materials very interesting and relevant content
- Mary M.
Great information...!
- John R.
The IAT recommended was very useful.
- Michael P.
This was the best elimination of bias course I have taken in all my years of practice. For me, the most important aspect of the program was in learning what bias really is and how it manifests itself. I understood my own biases better, and I learned some useful techinques to control bias. A great course. Bravo!
- John M.
Excellent course and very interesting.
- Maria C.
Ms. Oppenheimer presents many necessary concepts that are present in our aspects of decision making. She effectively brought audience participation by using interactive exercises that demonstrate the implicit biases of the attendee.
- Mike W.
Most interesting CLE I've ever taken! I'll probably watch again right now!
- Laurel F.
- Kimberley B.
Very thoughtful and helpful presentation.
- Wendy T.
I really enjoyed this course....
Eye opening!
- Karen P.
Enjoyed the examples!
- Taryn H.
Really interesting presentation. I also think I can use some of this in jury selection.
- Rebecca F.
Great presentation--very interesting and thought-provoking.
- Paul G.
Very insightful! Thank you for sharing your expertise!
- Lynn W.
Really informative presentation
- Kathleen R.
This was a very interesting topic. It really makes you think about how your perceptions of people impact our decisions even if you think you have it all under control. We can all continue to make improvements in this area.
- Elizabeth Y.
Great personal experiences and anecdotes.
- Lisa D.
A great course very informative.
- steven f.
This is an excellent program to reveal how people have biases despite good intentions and how to prevent bias from causing injustices.
- Rachel R.
Very eye opening.
- Thomas O.
Wow! Very insightful and informative.
- George S.
This was a very good course. Thoughtful discussion and delivery of an important topic that if too often misstated or politicized.
- Michael B.
WOW, this was a fantastic course with LOTS of great information!
- Kristin B.
Excellent course, very well researched, and very important for all.
- Rebecca C.
Wonderful program that all should experience.
- susan y.
I would love to see more courses like this!
- Heidi T.
Very enjoyable presentation style and clearly she very much enjoys the subject matter. Highly recommended.
- David V.
Interesting, revealing, and thought-provoking.
- Jana C.
I was so impressed with the material and the instructor's knowledge of the subject. This course has given me much to consider when I'm approaching my case work: both how I view the case and how the adjudicators will view the case.
- Angel D.
thank you . useful in my practice and personal life
- Debra A. S.
The best course I have had in a long time. It was an eye opener. Everyone, particularly each lawyer or legal professional including each judge should be exposed to this course and his implicit bias tendencies.
- ronald s.
Very interesting course-though would have been interesting to look at the role biases play in how our clients are impacted, not just internal dynamics of law firms.
- Anne W.
wise and great teacher and fascinating subject matter
- Lisa P.
very informative.
- Karen Denise J.
Very comprehensive in just an hour. Well done.
- Tonya E.
I really liked this seminar.
- Joshua B.
Very interesting material!
- Avraham G.
This was so interesting! I really enjoyed it.
- Dominique F.
Very interesting material.
- Vera S.
Excellent presentation!
- Marci U.
Absolutely fabulous, clear, and helpful in enlightening us to the issues surrounding. Implicit bias
- Tania R.
Very informative presentation.
- G. Dennis R.
Excellent, thought provoking course. The speaker was engaging and discussed many interesting studies related to bias. Useful in one's professional and personal life.
- Marilyn Z.
Very interesting presentation.
- Peter S.
Great lecture!
- Kelsey Q.
Extremely informative on both a professional as well as personal level.
- Lael S.
Well done
- Elliot T.
Pick this if you: - don't want to be bored, or left feeling insulted, blamed or shamed - would like to learn something that might help you be a better lawyer - prefer presentations that are actually useful. I wish this course was mandatory for all judges, prosecutors, and attorneys.
- Bryndis T.
For a hearing master deciding eviction cases where the differences between landlords and tenants and the racial, socioeconomic, gender, age demographics are so diverse, this presentation was extremely thought-provoking and will have an impact on my approach and deliberation of cases.
- David B.
This is one of the bet presentations I've ever heard about bias. We all have biases. This presentation made that clear and helped point out how we can recognize those biases and anticipate them in the decisions we make and the actions we take.
- Mary S.
Very informative presentation for me! It was definitely worth my time as a person, not just as a lawyer.
- Kerin C.
- Daniela P.
Course was great.
- Junn P.
Very interesting.
- Gary M.
Really found value in this one.
- Shamin R.
Very well organized. good pace. excellent, real world example. good practical advice.
- Pierce O.
Speaker was really good and really appealed to the audience, she kept my attention and made it easy to follow along.
- Neeta P.
I actually really enjoyed the presentation and found it to be very thought provoking. Thank you.
- Dylan T.
This is the best Elimination of Bias presentation I have ever viewed!!
- Susan V.
excellent – thanks
- Coreal R.
Wonderful. If only all CLE courses were this clearly presented by instructors who are this engaging.
- James C.
Great program.
- Steven R.
Really great presentation. My favorite on this site so far.
- Franchesca V.
Well prepared and a pleasant speaker.
- Chris V.
thank you!
- Jamie O.
She's knowledgeable very engaging. I enjoyed the subject matter and the interactive nature of her lecture.
- Susan P.
Exceptionally thought producing.
- Albert R.
Great material
- Stefanie S.
Excellent and informative presentation!
This was an excellent course. I discovered I held some biases of which I was not aware. I would definitely play this one twice.
- Hector U.
This course gave me insights about bias I never even realized. Truly educational!
- Errol Wilfred J. Z.
Very insightful!
- Link S.
So informative!
- Bridget C.
Best slides yet.
- Jeffrey T.
A very compassionate person.
- Reno R.
This content was excellent. I especially recommend for lawyers who practice before a judge and/or jury.
- Mindy R.
Exceptional presentation! Highly knowledgeable and effective. A real eye opener!
- Robert S.
Amy and her materials are outstanding.
- Sandy R.
Very informative and instructional. Examples were most effective.
- KC T.
Enjoyed the content. I find this topic extremely interesting and increasingly important.
- Michael S.
- Thomas T.
Instructor was pleasant, relaxed, and was a good speaker. She would do well speaking on other topics as well.
- Stephen S.
- David V.
Best written materials by far, very helpful.
- Timothy S.
Very effective speaker!
- James S.
Terrific insights from her personal experience and research--much appreciated. Excellent
- Debra H.
- Angela W.
No suggestions. Very well done!
- Robert O.
Well presented and eye-opening.
- Joan O.
The power point slides were well written and detailed. The instructor provided great information
- Daniel S.
This speaker is very engaging and interesting both in the choice of her materials and in her presentation.
- Shirley S.
- Dakota B.
Extremely interesting and well presented.
- Alicia A.
Excellent. I especially loved the interactive parts of this presentation.
- David R.
The instructor was quite good. I liked that she confirmed that bias is normal, and gave solid examples of how biases affect us and how we can recognize and deal with them.
- Patrick O.
I learned so much. Thank you.
- Amy S.
so well done!Excellent
- Lisa T.
Fascinating! She spoke clearly and in a just right speed. Excellent, helpful presentation. A dedicated to making society a better place professional. Thank you very much.
- Jennie T.
Very interesting and overlooked topic--good reading suggestions cited. Liked this course very much--thought-provoking and very well presented. Anyone doing any kind of lawyering or other work would benefit from this.
- Mary M.
Excellent presentation from a refreshing scientific perspective. I greatly enjoyed this interesting and important class.
- Paul S.
Outstanding seminar!!!!!!!
- Tyrone S.
This is the first CLE I've watched with LexVid and it was actually interesting, which is more than I can say about most CLEs I've done. Hope that trend continues! Amy did an excellent job.
- Kathleen R.
Very interesting. The written materials were informative.
- Victoria V.
Great material, but she is one of the best presenters I have experienced here. It is clear that she is in command of the information she presented!
- Barbara B.
Amazing and useful information
- Melissa S.
I thought this was an excellent presentation on an important subject. It caused me to reflect on how I might attempt to combat bias in my own practice.
- James M.
Very thought-provoking material.
- Lloyd F.
Excellent well prepared lots of data to support and finished with an actionable plan.
- Kendra C.
Very Good.
- Heather P.
Exceellent, concise, well organized, well presented.
- Sharon B.
Would love to see a follow up/part 2 from this presenter on the topic.
- Michael U.
The information was surprisingly insightful and in some respects alarming with regard to the unfortunate extent to which biases appear to affect lawyers and the judiciary. We should be "on guard" against it.
- Mark A.
Eye opening course!! Great presentation. Thank you.
- Andrew S.
Very good. Helpful information.
- Scarlette L.
One of the more interesting bias courses I've viewed. Lots of good and even interesting evidence and stories to support course given during course.
- Christa P.
very good
- Nancy D.
Great course with well organized information.
- Mia S. W.
I did not expect to say this about online cle, but this course was excellent!
- Lauren S.
Enjoyed the program.
- James P.
I greatly enjoyed this course!
- Erin Z.
Very interesting topic and insightful presentationn
- Robert S.
very informative presentation
- Barbara E.
Well done and very informative.
- Larry S.
I think that this is an excellent and very relevant course.
- Ronald S.
I think Amy did a great job discussing implicit bias, and it was particularly helpful to me as an HR professional
- Yael W.
Excellent speaker.
- Deana P.
very informative
- Robert H.
Enlightening data
- Karen K.
- Patrick K.
Informative and enlightening. A breath of CLE fresh air.
- Charlene R.
This is a tremendous program. Really enjoyed the Judge's presentation. Learned a lot -- a lot to think about.
- George M.
- JoEllen B.
Excellent presentation.
- Rebecca M.
truly enjoyed this course. It was more than just CLE, this was a great life lesson and I wish everyone can here her speak. Brilliant work and I would invite her as a guest speaker if I had the chance. fantastic.
- mojdeh s.
An excellent course and a little scary when you contemplate bias with respect to yourself. Something of an eye-opener.
- Alexis M.
Best Ethics CLE course I've ever taken.
- Jason S.
Well-presented and good clear introduction to an area that can be confusing.
- Stephen J.
Well done. Informative and thought provoking
- Kenneth W.
Very informative.
- Steven S.
Excellent presentation. Very well prepared and delivered. The content was critical and made interesting with good use of story.
- Greg G.
very interesting basic course with engaging presentation. I like the use of study data very much.
- Kerry W.
Quite exceptional in content, well-presented, no boring "fluff" material. I was impressed by how un-biased the presenter was in a topic that usually suffers that problem. Recommended.
- Elen Pass B.
- John M.
This was a fascinating topic! Excellent CLE.
- MaryAnn M.
This one really made me think. I believe I will judge all situations differently going forward.
- Linda T.
Interesting and starts a process of self examination and assessment. good job.
- Ronald V.
Excellent presentation.
- Judy J.
Not what I expected. But I learned a lot of valuable information.
- Geraldyne C.
very interesting and informative.
- Anthony W.
This information will stay with me for a long time due to the excellent examples and studies presented
- Stephanie L.
- Neva K.
The program was informative.
- Sandra A.
Great Presentation
- Donald J. G.
Very good; very educational and a bit different than the usual Bias 'lecture.'
- Debra B.
Interesting reflection of bias in the course itself in saying that lawyers don't lkke numbers! I love numbers (also a Chartered Financial Analyst) and think it helps my practice thrive...
- Juan A.
Excellent presenation and very interesting data illustrating the core concepts of bias and preference!
- Mark D.
very interesting and informative
- Patricia S.
Very good presentation!
- Eric B.
Makes you stop and think...
- Desraeli F.
Excellent treatment of the subject matter
- Marcella L.
Captivating and insightful.
- frank m.
Very good
- Michelle L.
she exposed me to a line of thiking i had never considered...oh, the power of steriotypes...a.t.
- arnold Thomas c.
the most thought provoking class on line, I have taken to date....highly recomended
- Wendie E.
Very interesting and well presented. This is a course that all persons involved in the judicial system would benefit from.
- Gina K.
Excellent! Very interesting material.
- Michele K.
Excellent review of the inherent bias in all of us and how to counteract it.
- Bradley B.
Great work weaving studies into the presentation.
- Jesus C.
Fascinating and well-conceived!
- Amy K P.
This was an excellent and eye opening course. All professionals (people) would benefit from taking it.
- Josh L.
Extremely interesting.
- Hank B.
Amy was great, use her again
- David A.
Excellent program on an important topic.
- Daniel C.
Outstanding class. I am definitely going to take more classes from lexvid.
- Alan B.
Really fascinating on a human level. A must-watch!!
- Jade C.
Interesting examples
- llona P.
Very interesting topic.
- Michael Y.
Interesting topic, well presented.
- Charles B.
A nice overview of bias issues, useful both for examining my own biases in evaluating cases, witnesses, etc., and for ideas in how to communicate and explore potential biases with a jury panel.
- Lionel J C.
Very interesting.
- Elizabeth C.
- Andan E.
Interesting Lecture.
- Alyssa H.
Very interesting. I recommend this CLE.
- Angie C.
Loved this! Very thought provoking!
- Julie T.
Fascinating and well presented program on bias... the legal implications are quite striking.
- Cheryl K.
Smart, concise, insightful, and thought provoking. Outstanding use of an hour of my time. Great job.
- lawrence g.
This was an excellent CLE - loved the presenter's various illustrations of bias.
- Jonathan K.
Fantastic and informative presentation.
- Jeremy D.
Fascinating and useful!
- Jennifer S.
Fascinating topic! This was one of the best courses I have watched.
- Lynn Marie M.
I really liked the presentation of the material and the substantive material itself.
- Andrew D.
Instructor is very knowledgeable. Pleasant to listen to.
- Terry B.
Good program, important information
- Erin J.
She was exceptional and her information was summarized in a handout none of the other classes I have taken give that amount of detail. If she had another class I would take that as well.
- Darby N. M.
Interesting and effective presentation.
- Philip C.
Very interesting info. Thank you.
- Heather Y.
Very interesting and illuminating.
- Hugh B.
Fascinating material, well presented.
- Loral C.
Good overview with helpful suggestions for avoiding bias.
- Amanda W.
- Eugene L.
- M. Regina H.
I've been exposed to this kind of information before, but it was refreshing to see it all in one place and to be reminded. Sympathetic engagement with counter-argument is the hallmark of a mind disciplined to critical thinking, and uncovering unconscious bias is fundamental to intellectual honesty.
- William E.
This course definitely opened my eyes to areas where I may have bias that I was completely unaware of.
- Judie M R.
Interesting studies and effective presentation!
- Sara R.
- Alan R.
Very informative.
- Laura P.
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