Elimination of Bias - Women in the Law: Flying the Coop on the Wings of Economic & Institution Power Reviews

Attorney Patricia Gillette represents true leadership. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her video presentation. Thank you Ms. Gillette!
- Lorelei L.
This is such an important topic, and very well covered by presenter.
- Lissa S.
Thoughtfully put together with great advice on a topic that hits too close to home. Thanks for doing this!
- Dianne B.
This was fantastic and really changed my way of thinking on the topic. A must watch!
- Keshet S.
Superb! Everyone should view this presentation. Thank you for your advice and candidness. It is certainly needed and appreciated.
- Vineeta B.
I really enjoyed this presenter -- great speaker.
- Catherine M.
Wonderful presentation! Sincere. wise and practical recommendations. Thank you!
- Rhoda Yohai A.
Great seminar. very insightful advice.
- Melissa S.
- leora m.
Very informative and inspiring. Well done.
- Carolyn L.
Pat Gillette was a great presenter. Level presentation, keen insight and strong suggestions for women in the law regarding moving ahead and becoming part of the power base in the firm.
- Eileen M.
Very informative and thought provoking. Provides ways to think about things that I had not though of before.
- Michael K.
Very helpful/practical information for women and those that supervise women.
- Suzanne P.
Wonderful program and very insightful. Best Lexvid Video I have watched to date
- Evelyn M.
I really enjoyed this video. I have been part of a women attorneys' association that has seemed to have lost its direction a bit. All of the analysis and guidance on implicit bias and how to advance one's self as a female attorney was wonderful. I plan to share this CLE with my group in hopes the guidance reinvigorates the group.
- Anne R.
This was a truly inspiring and practical CLE course. Thank you.
- Genevieve W.
interesting and provocative
- Orna W.
Excellent presenter and very interesting content.
- Carol R.
Course offered many perspectives to think about. Good job.
- W Brent V.
Useful summary of barriers and good suggestions for surmounting them.
- Rhonda B.
Thank you again for the high quality and informative program.
- Howard H.
Excellent, common sense advice.
- Lisa E.
Great course!
- Kelly G.
Terrific presentation. As the former male head of a law firm I recommend that every young lawyer see this, female or male.
- Joseph C.
- Michael U.
This was the most useful speech I've ever seen on women's issues in law firms.
- Kyla G.
This was excellent. Too bad this wasn't a required course when I was in law school.
- Pat W.
Fantastic presenter and CLE.
- Colleen W.
Good CLE
- Judith N.
Excellent instructor with insightful information for female attorneys.
- Linda C.
Excellent CLE.
- Anthony W.
This is an excellent program.
- Alissa A.
insightful with constructive ideas.
- Marilyn L.
Very good course.
- Dominic M.
Honest and insightful presentation
- Lanni K.
well done.
- John L.
Very well done
- Gregory K.
Excellent program. One of the best presentations of the subject I have ever attended. I wish I had this information years ago.
- Gail E.
A true inspiration for young women attorneys!
- Anna R.
Great Course. I learned a lot about bias, and how it affects the business of law practices. Additionally, I learned a great deal about developing business, what the attributes of a successful rainmaker is, and tactics that aid in enhancing reputation
- Mark W.
Very informative and thought-provoking. The content of the written material provided was not discussed in the course. It would have been nice if the written materials correlated with what the speaker was talking about, i.e. I had to rewind the course to take notes on the 4 characteristics of a rainmaker because it was not in the written materials.
- Dena S.
- Ozlelm V.
Super good course
- Ellen W.
Very practical tips for women in the workplace. Excellent presentation. Excellent content!
- Ije O.
Very informative than I thought it would be. Very good, and i'm impressed.
She is a very good speaker and I felt engaged throughout the seminar. She made excellent points about how to cultivate empowerment and help others grow and it made me feels as though we might be equals - which is the kind of feeling that makes you want to work with that person and support that person. That is true connection that is a foundation for rainmaking and fostering lasting relationships. I enjoyed this presentation very much!
- Morgan W.
I really enjoyed this seminar.
- rosa s.
Excellent observations about the difficulties women face in large law firm settings.
- Caroline P.
Thank you so much! I am going to recommend your course.
- Nerissa S.
This program would be good for both men and women that want to do better economically in the practice of law. But to do well you must be welling to step up, work hard and put in time and thought.
- Linda S.
great stuff. didn't think i was going to benefit from a course like this as i am already a female equity partner however, i was pleasantly surprised by the relevance of the material and realize there is more to do to pave the way for others as a mentor/sponser.
- Jamie B.
This is one of the best courses!
- Susan V.
Thoughtful and practical - fantastic!
- Daniela P.
Good topic and content. When the presenter discussed the four attributes of a rainmaker, she omitted discussion of the first one: engagement. She latter mentioned it but did not discuss it to start. That's unfortunate, because it was an interesting and critical part of the presentation.
- jon o.
Finally a brilliant and focused discussion on women and power in law firms. Well done!
- Marianne R.
Informative. Thank you.
- Rebecca R.
Excellent and very empowering!
- Mori N.
This is a very interesting presentation with tons of inside information about women in law firms. Highly recommend it.
- Kathy L.
brilliant and very helpful!
- Dorianne R.
Thank you. As a woman I appreciated your talk. Very poignant.
- Evelyn S.
This was the best CLE I've watched to date.
- Ariel S.
I was "prejudiced" to not like this course, but it turned out that it was one of the best I have listened to in the 10 years of being a bar member. Kudos!
- Sarah S.
The course was well laid out on the challenges and personality types present in the legal profession and how they tend to be grouped by gender. The last part was a nice addition where the discussion of the workplace concerns traditionally applied to women are actually cross-gender in modern society, work-life balance.
- Paul T.
Excellent presentation. Wish that I listen to or attended such a presentation early in my career when few women were hired by large law firms.
- Jana P.
This program was exceptional. The speaker is both knowledgeable and savvy. Very good presentation.
- Robert T.
Well done! Mrs. Gillette was knowledgeable and presented the material very well.
- Timothy S.
Instructor is an excellent speaker and is very knowledgeable. This is a very interesting topic. Great course!
- Debra B.
I really appreciated the insight from the presenter. She provided thoughtful history and commentary, as well as provided information on how to handle some very prevalent issues.
- Kristen N.
Very interesting presentation with a lot of practical advice. Very helpful and informative.
- Renee R.
Excellent course, interesting perception, and very useful knowledge!
- Melissa T.
Thank you. This was very helpful.
- Seda N.
Such an important and good talk! Every attorney needs to listen to this.
- Lory I.
The Instructor is excellent! Well presented and great perspective
- Morgan P.
Top notch. Amy Oppenheimer is strictly blue ribbon. She glides delightfully from one relevant firm anecdote to another, in a manner that is at once highly relatable & confidence-inspiring. Infused with many bonus "aha" moments.
- Kath W.
Very knowledgeable instructor with a very pragmatic approach
- Laurel T.
a thoughtful and informative presentation on an important topic.
- Dana K.
Excellent presentation.
- karen w.
Thoroughly enjoyable and informative course. Fabulous speaker - speaks with authority and kindness - and I would believe it would be especially useful to young female attorneys at large firms with great tips on how to become rainmakers.
- Shari R.
Excellent! I am a 62 y/o woman, retired govt attorney and the course resonated so loudly to me! Even though I am retired, the course was valuable and applicable to life in general, not just law/work.
- Marsha S.
I thought this was terrific. Pat is a wonderful role model and change maker.
- Beth T.
Thumbs up.
- Cody S.
Excellent presentation.
- Jill S.
One of the best presentations I have watched. Smart, relevant and informational.
- Barbara B.
A little pushy, already... Seriously: Enjoyed the presentation of a continuing concern. Hope my daughter stands on her shoulders someday.
- Don B.
An insightful program with good, practical advice. Highly recommended.
- Christine P.
Really good. Wish I had seen this year's ago when I started. It would have saved a bit trial and error.
- Florence T.
Excellent presenter - very knowledgeable - and provided some very good and relevant tips and tools.
- Barbara B.
A very thoughtful analysis of women in firms. Everything she said hit very close to home. I appreciate her candor and thoughts on how to progress.
- Deborah M.
Especially helpful for new attorneys. Incredibly relevant and poignant given what is going on within our government and culturally.
- Mary C.
Very interesting and informative. Enjoyed it.
- Karen H.
- Anne M.
I must course for all legal professionals.
- Ian S.
This was the best presentation I have seen about women in law firms, with very practical reasonable advice. Excellent!
- Ellen S.
- Erin Z.
Great course for young law firm associates
- Katherine R.
- louis t.
Very impressed with the knowledge and suggestions of this presenter.
- Rachel S.
I believe everyone, regardless of gender, will hear something valuable in this course. Very engaging!
- Kristina S.
A brilliant and honest look at this extremely important issue, and inspired practical advice on how to address it.
- James E.
Really great topic and speaker. Please add more videos with this theme.
- Aiza S.
Excellent course. Finally a course that provides tangible steps people can take to advance their careers at law firms.
- Amy Z.
Thoroughly enjoyed this video. Would love to hear more from her.
- Ana-Karine B.
Focus was on women, however; many men confront all these issues as well, insofar as these issues and situations apply to all human beings in the work place. It appears in 2016, that biases are gender neutral. That should be covered too.
- James A.
One of the best Lexvid presenters I've seen. Great practical discussion of issues and possible solutions.
- Gregory S.
Awesome perspective!!!
- Michelle T.
Excellent presentation!
- Julia H.
Great course! Thank you!
- Ginna K.
Really great insight into how to succeed as a female attorney at a big firm.
- Alyson P.
This should be mandatory CLE for law firms. I wish I had seen it a decade ago! The program contains very helpful, specific advice.
- Lucia B.
This was an incredible presentation.
- Marcy T.
Very good course!
- Heather C.
She was great! Inspirational. All women attorneys need to hear this.
- Terry G.
Her way of speaking is outstanding. I feel empowered after this presentation.
- Esmeralda C.
As a male, I appreciated the insight of a woman's view of the profession.
- Michael W.
This course is full of insightful examples, excellent tips, and ideas for building your power going forward. I will rewatch this video many times and I can't say that about most other CLE courses.
- Jennifer C.
Great Real Life Practical Advice. Love it!
- Amanda F.
very thoughtful - good advice for all young attorneys
- Kevin D.
This is the best of these videos I've seen so far. Fantastic and useful information from an extremely good source. Great presentation that I'll definitely use in my practice.
- Rebecca C.
Fabulous presentation.
- Christine C.
Much needed, inspiring, and pragmatic advice to advance equality for women in our profession. Thank you!
- Sarah Jane B.
Very informative for someone who is just starting out in practice. Good "real world" advice.
- Amanda E.
Excellent!! Sage advice for women
- Debra G.
Good lecture.
- Tamara F.
One of the best presentations that I have attended! Excellent speaker!
- Christy G.
- Stan B.
Not boring, at all.
- Danielle M.
Very well spoken speaker
- Jaskarn A.
I especially appreciated the program not only as a woman but as a Black attorney. Substitute Black American or any other minority with reference to woman. Lots of good ideas. Plan to use some of them. Good Presentation!
- Helen H.
Patricia Gillette is inspiring. She is bright, insightful, and a tremendous leader.
- Maureen G.
Interesting perspective. Could listen to her for a longer program.
- Marianne G.
Good presentation
- Richard B.
Pat Gillette is a great speaker and attorney!
- Christine C.
Excellent ( 20 years too late- but excellent)!
- Jo-Ann B.
Very honest, direct, and USEFUL comments and information from the presenter.
- Deverie C.
I really liked it and got some good pointers to help me empower myself!
- Kelley S.
- Gail B.
A very timely course with a forward looking approach to men and women in the future. Bravo.
- Ruth P.
Excellent advice.
- Kathie K.
This was a wonderful presentation. Your experience and wisdom is a welcome contribution to women and the profession.
- Cheryl H.
Enjoyed it very much.
- Rachel A.
This was a long overdue discussion needed in the legal profession and presented very well.
- Samantha F.
Very interesting. Would love to have a follow up discussion.
- Paulomi R.
Very informative. Awesome course!
- Melissa K.
- Terry B.
- Eugene L.
Thoughtful and pragmatic presentation.
- Sharon R.
I think breaking into the legal profession for the "lost generation" of law students who graduated and took the bar during the recession is a big challenge too - more so for women. This challenge is not easily overcome because of the bias issues you have discussed. Thank you for the course.
- Emily P.
Great lecture
- Olga B.
would like Pat to mentor my wife who is capable of being a leader in a large health care system in NW, but who has many of the hurdles and barriers in front of her that Pat talks about!!
- William B.
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