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Document Fraud in Probate Cases

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Document Fraud in Probate Cases
Document Fraud in Probate Cases

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Course Description

People use different means to commit fraud with documents in probate cases. Examples are when a person fabricates a will leaving all assets to themselves from the decedent. Other examples are when a person writes checks from the decedent's bank account. There are times when a document is notarized, yet the notarization is fraudulent. There are different ways this can occur. A skilled forensic document examiner can oftentimes discover how the documents have been created and altered to benefit a party who does not deserve benefit from the decedent's estate. This presentation uses case studies to identify various methods that have been used to attempt to fraudulently take a decedent's property.

Length: 1hr 1min

Member Reviews

Very interesting and educational.
- Tokiko K.
Very interesting subject matter. Always a good presentation
- JoLynn B.
This was both interesting and educational!
- Emily Dietrich W.
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