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Recovering Economic Damages Done By Divorce

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Recovering Economic Damages Done By Divorce
Recovering Economic Damages Done By Divorce

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Course Description

Economic damages - also known as credit damage - are one of the most commonly overlooked type of compensable damages. These damages are typical in a divorce context where, for example, one party cannot acquire a mortgage at the same terms he or she could have if not for their former spouse's actions. In this program, economic damage expert Georg Finder gives a broad overview on credit damages that can occur in a divorce, and provides helpful strategies on valuating these damages.

Published 1/20/2014

Length: 55min

Member Reviews

Very good information on Credit Score in general. Truly an expert. You would not realized this is even a specialized field.
- Herbert L.
Food for thought in divorces with significant community property, assets, debts, and one partner having control over same.
- Teresa R.
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Meet the Lecturer(s)

Georg Finder

Georg Finder is one the nation's leading credit damage evaluators. Having provided expert testimony on the first Credit Damage award and countless subsequent cases, he is a highly sought-after expert witness on the matter. He has a number of publications focusing on financial and credit issues.




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