Criminal Mitigation: Rethinking Presentencing Strategies Reviews

Hands down this was one of the best most informative MCLE courses packed into a own hour session that I have participated in this year! Thank you for your expertise in this area. It opened my eyes on several important issues.
- Linda Kay J.
Though I do not practice criminal law anymore, this course broadened my thinking about sentencing criminals. I especially resonated to the idea of a criminal as an individual - like me - and my failings are not so very different from his - "let him who is without sin cast the first stone". If I am ever a juror in a criminal matter (or take up the mantle of criminal defense again), this course will figure largely in my approach. Thank you.
- William G.
Incredibly knowledgeable and effective lecturer! Very well-rounded and detailed presentation.
- Karen G.
Mr. Silver was very well-qualified for this program, both by education and experience. A quality program.
- Robert H.
- Gerald S.
This is a good program but somewhat repetitious.
- Timothy J.
Dr. Silver's presentations are consistently excellent! This segment is no exception!
- Georginna D.
This course is an eye-opener in a new and important area of law! Bravo!
- Ellen R.
This is the second course I've taken from this presenter, and I've got to say that he's a total professional, and absolutely commands his material. Combining his status as a lawyer with his training in psychiatric social work, he offers a unique insight into what's becoming one of the most important aspects of a criminal law practice - mitigation.
- Russell M.
Bravo! Great class! On the issue of remorse and regret Mark mentioned, when I prepare my clients for their presentence interviews, I tell them that what the report writer wants to hear from them is remorse and repentance - "I'm very sorry I did it, and I will never do it again."
- James H.
Speaker was very knowledgeable about the topic.
- Martha S.
Well done presentation. Packed a lot of information in a one hour session. Excellent material to actually implement in the criminal law practice.
- Thomas L.
Very informative.
- Victor R.
Thought the Course was very thorough and detailed.
- Victor B.
Not my area of practice, but we have a grown son with autism. He has never had any legal troubles, but this is certainly good information. Thank you.
- Cynthia F.
Excellent speaker--I particularly valued the comments regarding immigrants.
- nicole m.
Helpful and informative overview of criminal mitigation, including definition of terms, clear outline of goals of criminal mitigation, and good description of breakdown and focus areas of a criminal mitigation report.
- Gregory V.
Instructor sounds very knowledgeable in the mitigation area. It might have been even more helpful to go into some specific instances of how psychological factors impact behavior in ways that mitigate, rather than appear as rationalizations, for criminal behavior. For example, childhood abuse may be more likely to result in committing abusive behavior, but not in all cases. When does abuse tend to override a person's sense of morality, and when is abuse more likely to be perceived as extraneous to a defendant's culpability? Also, how does injury to a victim impact the presentation of mitigation?
- Howard D.
It's particularly helpful how he has a social sciences background, as well. The presentation is worth seeing.
- Rich R.
- Floyd C.
Comprehensive and Informative Overview. Great Course !
- Catherine S.
Great. Thank you!
- Jessica J.
Great Presentation!
- Angel T.
An insightful blend of science and law.
- John H.
While I thought the instructor was well informed and presented well, mitigation reports and considerations do not seem at all valuable to me. I do not agree with the principal that just because you can explain criminal conduct, that should excuse criminal conduct. Psychology is over-rated, not based on science and harms far more people than it ever helps. Its use in the court room, especially in criminal proceedings and divorces, is just a way to add further expense and misery to the participants. I would be happy to see it excluded from the legal process altogether.
- Angela N.
When I got started, it was very good, jut had a little time trying to get the program to work... Excellent!
- Stanley B.
Excellent program. I too have a dual background and was interested in this presentation. Thank you.
- Kathy F.
The change of camera angles was a bit distracting.
- Ellen B.
I'd listen to anything this instructor teaches.
- Derek H.
Very useful and informative.
- Jeffrey B.
Very interesting course by a very knowledgeable speaker. I few specific examples might have helped more--e.g., I advocated for Johnny to receive mitigation because his older brother steered him into a gang, or something like that. Thanks
- Brian M.
Incredibly knowledgeable presenter, who has a mastery of criminal mitigation methods and uses. Can be used even in non-criminal cases where bad acts are at issue, i.e. professional license disciplinary matter. Great program
- Sterling S.
Excellent information. Thank you for offering this course.
- Rosalind K.
Very informative and good presentation.
- Vincent D C.
The instructor was very knowledgeable. I was particularly impressed by his instruction on using a compassionate approach to have the criminal justice system better understand a defendant and his/her actions. Very well done!
- Odette W.
Instructor was very knowledgeable.
- Lisa L.
- Jonathan B.
This program gave useful practical information for criminal sentencing, but I would like to see an additional presentation in the near future with more emphasis on mitigation in the specific area of immigration law. This is increasingly becoming a truly crucial area of practice.
- Jenny F.
- John K.
Very interesting
- janet F.
Nice job by the Attorney
- Mark D.
An exceptional presentation
- Dennis G. M.
Very informative.
- Lisa B.
No written materials
- Carolyn V.
I really never knew there were lawyers who did this, I always thought there were mental health professionals who provided such reports. Very interesting specialty.
- Miriam G.
well done even for a non-criminal practitioner like me
- Michael G.
Very useful information
- Michael C.
The instructor is knowledgeable and articulate. Rather than promoting his own book, it would have been helpful for the instructor to discuss a range of appropriate reference materials.
- Tami H.
Very Good course
- Lea D.
Helpful. Thanks!
- Dina D.
Great course!
- Michael G.
Thank you for this free presentation. The speaker was very knowledgeable and presented the topic in an understanding way. It was an enjoyable presentation, and one I would recommend to others.
- Andrea B.
Mostly basic common sense.
- David P.
This is a surprisingly engaging discussion with a good mix of conceptual overview and detailed examples.
- Michael G.
Interesting. He provided insights into the value of mitigation.
- Vivian P.
Excellent instructor with an interesting educational background. He and I went to the same law school - I graduated years before he did. Excellent class.
- Lisbeth Jean S.
Excellent presentation of the need for a Criminal Mitigation report in all criminal cases.
- Joseph John R.
Great presentation!
- Michelle R.
Excellent overview, very well organized. Thank you for including materials.
- Jennifer L.
Very well done. Instructor was engaging and knowledgeable. The switching camera angles was somewhat distracting. Also, it would have been nice to have more specific examples of successful mitigations based on the principles discussed. Thank you!
- Matthew M.
Well presented, interesting information.
- Susan D.
Very informative
- Daniel D.
This was a very well balanced coverage of an important subject offered by someone who knows the area very well. I enjoyed his approach in explaining why mitigation is important. Looking forward to more courses by this lecturer. Thank you
- Alicia B.
It is disturbing that the legal system allows mitigation for psych disorders by citing the symptoms without applying the label of the disorder, it seems those that have vigorous representation will clearly get reduced sentences while those without vigorous representation will get more stringent sentences, demonstrating once again that the criminal justice system is broken.
- Howard H.
very informative
- Alisa C.
Super job. Enjoyed it very very much . Very informative and excellently done ! Thank you
- thomas m.
Very interesting subject - thank you.
- Michael E.
This was a great program. I always enjoy LexVid free CLE offerings.
- Ina B.
Very informative. I did not know much about this subject coming in to this program.
- Calvin W.
Outstanding class! It is well worth the time!
- Alan B.
Without spending a bunch of time talking time that I do not have let me just say I really enjoyed this I really appreciated and respected the teacher and I can't wait to learn more from him
- David H.
- Michael O.
Excellent course. I am a transaction attorney wanting to learn about other areas.
- Philip F.
Useful tools were described, which tools are applicable to a variety of non-criminal law.
- Michael A. K.
Ten R's are useful.
- James R.
Very nice instructor
- Russell N.
Excellent teacher. Slides should be numbered. A few glaring typos.
- Robert w.
Exceptionally knowledgeable presenter!
- Asheton C.
I had trouble hearing at some parts even though my volume was turned up all the way but overall it was a good course. Thank you.
- Asal N.
Good Stuff!
- Andrew B.
The presenter was very good, although it seems that he is more of a therapist than a lawyer. He spent too much time talking about his book and his background. Since he works for other lawyers, he probably does this for business promotion, which is acceptable. All in all, a very good presentation.
- Ronald D.
There was an issue with the "free" course but it was resolved with an email. Thank you.
- Karen T.
The course was interesting and the instructor was quite knowledgeable of this subject area. Very professional. Worth the time.
- Vincent M.
Thank you very much
- Hazel S.
Excellent course great instructor
- Constantine F.
Well presented!
- Frank D.
Thank you.
- Kevin D.
Enjoyed this course!
- Joy K.
excellent program
- nancy k.
The last 10 min were really glitchy and froze on me, but great program overall!
- Milissa S.
learned something new, Thanks.
- Linda S.
Very interesting !
- Sarah P.
The course is very good for increasing sensitivity to mitigation issues. But for the California practitioner the federal citations are unnecessary and the presenter doesn't acknowledge the virtual universality of our pre-plea probation reports.
- Michael P.
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