Compliance & Risk Issues in Healthcare Provider Reimbursement Reviews

Good program! Would welcome more content from this speaker.
- Anne B.
Really enjoyed this instructor's delivery of material.
- Lisa B.
Overall course was great - learned a lot. However, the pause button did not work - was unable to leave the presentation, even for a few minutes.
- Amy E.
I like this course. I look forward to taking more courses in the near future and will be signing up shortly for unlimited courses shortly.
- Ahmad S.
- Evelyn S.
One of the better presenters.
- Richard O.
It was great that we covered all aspects of the healthcare field from private pay to work comp
- Nicole S.
Excellent course.
- N Marlene F.
This was the best LexVid CLE I've watched.
- Karolyn M.
- Kristen M.
excellent program, very informative and current. Perhaps a more specific set or recommendations for action could have been included. thank you.
- Jerrold K.
Very well done.
- Rachel A.
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