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Civil Motion Practice Reviews

very informative - I took a lot from it
- Gertrude C.
The program was wholly instructive and thorough regarding motion practice. It is very appreciated.
- Lynn B.
This began very slow and a bit boring, but it improved much because of the practice tips.
- Royce B.
Somewhat thin in terms of content and protracted in terms of delivery.
- Seth J.
This course was good but it was basic motion practice. I already knew most of the content but it always is good to simply reinforce But I already know
- Theodore S.
would've liked a set of overheads, his discussion was interesting but having overheads to follow, wrte on, etc. would help. Also, he was just sitting and talking to the camera, I think live before audience connects more. But obvious he knew the topic.
- Timothy M.
Logical, calm presentation!
- William C.
I really enjoyed this course!
- Erin L.
- Jonathan T.
Good course
- Douglas G.

- Nathaniel D.
Very practical & useful. Appreciated the Federal/State comparison.
- Catherine S.
Very clear presentation.
- margaret a.
Excellent and concise
- Erin O.
Excellent content on a pretty dull subject.
- Elliot T.
After 30 years as a litigator, including law & motion, Mr. Newdoft has presented an excellent law and motion practice. For some reason, the written materials wer not avail for my vewing.
- Thomas V.
- xiaochun j.
His expertise is very impressive.His speech was slow but that is an asset in the sense that it allows the listener to process the information.
- Margarita P.
The lack of written materials in this activity did not hinder my satisfaction as the video was very educational and the information was well presented.
- Karina M.
Overall, good presentation. He could have moved a little faster and covered go to war grounds and/or specifics.
- Kathryn R. D.
THe speaker was a little dry, but so was the material. Overall very good.
- Ryan S.
Great presentation by a very qualified litigator. Thank you!
- Hans U.
just ok, needed more specificity
- Thomas W.
Would have been nice to have notes on the other motions as well, not just MSJ.
- Eric Y.
- Joy K.
Some good general tips would help if PA state specific
- David H.
Nice overview. Good presentation.
- John G.
This felt like 20 minutes worth of material dragged out over the course of an hour.
- Kevin B.
Very good course.
- Shawn K.
Most interesting one I've seen yet. Very informative, loved the presentation of law and legal strategy.
- Katherine M.
Hit some good points
- Shapse J.
I really appreciated the speaker's "nuts and bolts" approach to the subject of law and motion; it was an actual blueprint for what, when, and why to file , or not to file, a motion. Wish there were more courses on this essential, but often confusing subject.
- Michael W.
Sometimes informative...Rather superficial and cursory...
- James B.
Great introduction into how the court may perceive motions.
- Kristen M.
informative! great review
- Irene F.
a little boring!
- Terry E.
Great speaker!
- Jonathan G.
I really enjoyed his presentation style!
- Gil A.
somewhat too elementary for me.
- Harry K.
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