Chapter 7: The Initial Consult Reviews

Excellent presentation. Lots of information and examples from real life practice of the speaker. Well worth the time spend. I expect to be able to use the materials in my practice. Thank you.
- Maryjane M.
Fantastic CLE. One of the best speakers I have heard in some time.
- Richard S.
Love this guy. I vote him as BEST presentor!!
- Francine B.
Very inspiring. The presenter obviously care and enjoys what he's doing. This presenter is the definition of what all lawyers should be pursuing the best interest of the clients. Makes me want to learn mobankruptcy law which I had no interesting in learning in law school!
- Matthew B.
One of the best presentations I've been exposed to in over 20 years of practice. Need more like him :)
- James S.
I'm not interested in bankruptcy law at all and this was still one of my all-time favorite CLEs! Really interesting, informative, and easy to listen to.
- Andrea B.
Probably one of my favorite Lexvid classes. Super practical and informative. The instructor was incredibly engaging, and his passion about the area of law shined through the presentation. I feel like I retained a lot of what I heard, and was never bored, which almost never happens with a CLE.
- Julie K.
Great presenter. Solid presentation with practical information. Well done.
- Jaime S.
Wow! This attorney was a great teacher! I had no interest in bancruptcy law, but I was rivited to this video. Good job
- Terrence M.
Perfect for someone just getting into bankruptcy law!
- Daniel E.
- thomas j.
The instructor does a great job and is engaging- extremely enjoyable to watch this course and learned a lot.
- Kenneth C.
Very well informed speaker. Enjoyable to listen to.
- John B.
Very good program.
- reagan H.
- Joseph S.
Great instructor and interesting topic.
- Catherine M.
Great course. Very worthwhile.
Very knowledgeable presenter Very good practical discussion
- Perry R.
- Josiah O.
I'd hire him. Comprehensive and pragmatic. Kathy C
- kathleen c.
Enjoyable presentation
- Daniel B.
Excellent Presentation!!
- Bruce S.
Great course!
- merlin c.
- William A.
Excellent presentation - very engaging and informative.
- Neil C.
Great one hour class!
- Colin G.
This was great!
- Ana Maria M.
I needed this course! Very helpful.
- Lennie G.
Liked presenters style. Not just a talking head.
- F James F.
Most engaging and informative instructor on this site.
- Daniel C.
Enjoyed the course. Presenter was knowledgeable and engaging.
- Christina F.
Very good lecture. There's a lot of information here for an attorney interested in practicing bankruptcy law. I liked the lecturer, he's clearly highly experienced and he shows a bit of personality which is a nice touch since most CLEs can be a little dry. Well done!
- James G.
Excellent presenter excellent presentation. If he doesn't already, he should present on ethics. If he doesn't already he should present to law school classes.
- Edward D.
Great presenter-I was brushing up on Bankruptcy Law-Having filed over a thousand Chapter Seven cases over the years. Learned some new approaches. He was spot on.
- Marilee B.
sound was a little varying. but his presentation was excellent.
- Richard F.
excellent and so practical.....made me want to become a bankruptcy lawyer
- peggy G.
Great enthusiasm, practical points, interesting. A great job!
- Thomas W.
Very informative! Thank you!!
- Cora D.
An engaging speaker on a fairly dry topic.
- Amy B.
Great instructor; fantastic presentation!
- David C.
Absolutely a treat. The presenter was so down to earth and made bankruptcy come a!ive.
- Cinda C.
- Christopher C.
Excellent, exceeded expectations.
- Alan B.
Excellent presentation. Can really tell he enjoys teaching this subject.
- Mario G.
A lot of practical information with plenty of hypos presented by a great speaker.
- Danielle E.
Best instructor yet.
- Jillian B.
as effective as any CLE I've ever taken, live or video - really broke thinks down in readily understandable terms - bet he gets tons of positive feedback from clients, or at least the ones who can appreciate how articulate he is
- Joseph E.
informative and prepared
- Randolph N.
Written material was too small to read. More would be better
- Paul C.
nicely done
- Roxanna J.
Great Job. I'm actually considering this line of work now.
- Chad E.
Extremely knowledgeable and informative.
- Kim B.
This actually made me think about going back into the practice of law. Thanks.
- Sarah W.
This is an attorney who thoroughly enjoys the practice of law he has chosen … and it comes across in the enthusiasm he displays during his presentation. A very practical discussion of serving one's client prior to and through a Chapter VII bankruptcy proceeding.
it was very interesting, I had no idea about chapter 7
- Patricia C.
Speaker was engaging.
- Deborah M.
I liked the lecturer's style.
- Eric E.
One of the better courses I have ever taken.
- Steven B.
This has been one of my favorite courses on LexVid so far. The instructor kept me engaged and provided a plethora of useful information.
- John M.
Enjoyed the practical applications of this course.
- Naheed R.
The instructor is engaging and the presentation informative and enjoyable.
- David S.
Fantastic speaker and so engaging. Truly enjoyable.
- Bruce P.
Really sharp, focused, practical advice, nicely done
- stephen v.
The most practical, useful and clear CLE I have ever watched.
- Abby B.
I have done consumer bankruptcies for over forty years. Served as a panel trustee for thirty three. I can always learn something new from a great presentation. This did not disappoint.
- David F.
- Kingsley W.
The speaker if very knowledgeable, highly ethical ...great course.
- E. Kenton F.
Great program
- Axel G.
Very informative
- isaac F.
Very good! One of the best online CLE's I've watched.
- Jennifer C.
Great! He kept my interest the entire time. Very informative and practical.
- Evalina B.
Great pointers that will be very useful.
- Ellen S.
This guy is great!
- Robert B.
A very well done presentation by a an excellent instructor. My only quibble is that many of the charts are to small to read in the split screen mode. In some cases I went out to the materials link but those particular charts were also small.
- Joseph S.
Thoroughly enjoyed it.
- David C.
Held my interest and informative.
- Joel C.
FANTASTIC information!! Thanks!
- Susan C.
presentation was concise and to the point. The lecturer was "people friendly" with his presentation and knowledgeable as to the legal issues. Enjoyable to watch and easy to follow.
- James E.
Even if you know consumer bankruptcy law this course is beneficial in many ways. Highly recommend it to all who delve into debtor creditor issues.
- Arthur B.
Great knowledgable and passionate lecturer.
- Beverly S.
Excellent speaker. Kept me interested even though I am not in the bankruptcy field. Loved his practical real life approach.
- Thomas J. F.
Nice practical Chapter 7 seminar. Texas Creditors' Lawyer
- kevin f.
Informative and useful for new areas of practice. Good advice on how to make use of course in current practice
- Sylvan D.
- Joseph R.
This was the most useful presentation on the general approach to chapter 7 bankruptcy I have ever heard. The presenter's enthusiasm made the presentation interesting as well as useful.
- John B.
- John L.
Great presenter.
- Karen L.
This was the best class i have attended - really enjoyed this dynamic speaker
- Deborah S.
Easily the best one hour CLE I have watched.
- Nicholas F.
- Bruce D S.
Excellent instructor.
- Korri F.
Great instructor!
- Jayesh P.
This is my favorite ever CLE. I did exactly what he did after law school, tons of pro bono in criminal defense and domestic, just for the experience. So refreshing to see someone who loves their specialty. AND this was SO PRACTICAL! Thank you. Superb job. Still disappointed he didn't cover bowling alley law, though....
- Cynthia M.
Excellent class. Presenter was extremely interesting and really knew his stuff. Would gladly watch any course taught by this presenter. Thanks!
- Katherine M. L.
Great presentation!
- T Michael P.
Very engaging, drew me in to the subject matter more than most classes.
- Kevin C.
Daniel Gershburg is a fantastic teacher! This hour long class felt like 15 minutes.
- Gary H.
Thoroughly enjoyed this presentation - great real world application and examples for real practice. The written materials were thorough and much appreciated!
- Olena B.
Very thoughtful and informative - and fun!
- Mark M.
excellent presentation!
- John T.
Simply outstanding!
Great speaker. Solid foundation. Will look for other courses by this lecturer.
- Rosemary P.
Excellent presentation that contain practical ways to advise clients in this area of the law.
- Clifford H.
Very inspirational! I never thought being a bankruptcy lawyer could be so rewarding.
- Annette D.
- Roberta D.
This fellow was a very fine teacher.
- Randall F.
Personality was a pleasure to watch.
- Chance M.
Very informative and engaging presentation.
- Keith A.
Super accessible lecture with great real life factual examples. Well done.
- Christa R.
Outstanding course, great presentation, very very informative...thank you!
- Richard K.
Very up to date and real life issues, just a little different then what I deal with, but for the most part very informative.
- William M.
- George S.
This was the best session so far. Excellent. Thank you.
- Regan E.
- Barbara L.
- Alissa A.
This presenter was excellent, very engaging.
- Jerry B.
Great great course. Almost makes me want to do bankruptcy work...
- Jane F.
This is the way all subjects should be taught. Excellent informative work.
Presentation covered both basic attorney client issues and interaction with trustees. Enjoyed his evident e concern for his clients and enthusiasm for the practice of law.
- Burt P.
Better than watching TV! I'd actually thought I'd be getting a good review of an initial client contact/intake. Oh, hello ..... bankruptcy! But I used to practice in the BK court, so I really enjoyed being updated. Nicely done and certainly worth my time.
- Diane Wolff R.
He was my favorite CLE presenter ever. I really appreciate the real world talk instead of case law/statutes etc.
- Michelle B.
Excellent course. I think this goes a little beyond just the initial consultation. The emphasis is on what is best to file by listening to the clent's needs.
- Margarita P.
Great speaker! Excellent introductory course.
- David O.
Great overview
- Arlene V.
Engaging speaker
- Deborah A.
Very good presentation, I learned quite a bit!
- Philip A.
i don't even like bankruptcy but this instructor mad the course interesting - thank you!
- Terri W.
Excellent! Practical, informative, and engaging.
- Larissa B.
Very informative. Low key and the instructor taght the material. he didn't lecture the material.
- Kenneth E.
Outstanding presentation. The attorney knows his subject intimately and thoroughly enjoys teaching it.
- Kenneth P.
Excellent course taught by passionate, knowledgeable attorney.
- David P.
Execellent course will take again
- kenneth p.
By far the most practical CLE course I have watched to date. The presenter made the subject interesting and gave real examples and solutions. He was also a very interesting and, yes, entertaining speaker.
- Marsha D.
- Martin D.
Great speaker, the attorney is passionate about his practice and the subject matter and it comes across in the course!
- Sean S.
I thought it was good. It will help me do a better job on my chapter 7s
- William C.
I'll be watching his other videos.
- Lloyd W.
- Jason L.
good speaker and good progrtam
- David K.
To be honest I didn't realize this course was about bankruptcy haha. I just thought it was about initial consults in general. But it was educational in both regards.
- Steven S.
This guy was really interesting and practical about bankruptcy and how people are clueless about their own finances Well Done
- michael e.
Excellent speaker, wealth of practical information well delivered.
- Letitia A.
Good course w practical advice.
- Jon M.
Good background for advising a client whether or not to consider bankruptcy.
- Harry K.
Excellent! So many great information.
- Angie H.
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