Chapter 7: The Initial Consult Reviews

Probably one of my favorite Lexvid classes. Super practical and informative. The instructor was incredibly engaging, and his passion about the area of law shined through the presentation. I feel like I retained a lot of what I heard, and was never bored, which almost never happens with a CLE.
- Julie K.
Great presenter. Solid presentation with practical information. Well done.
- Jaime S.
Wow! This attorney was a great teacher! I had no interest in bancruptcy law, but I was rivited to this video. Good job
- Terrence M.
Perfect for someone just getting into bankruptcy law!
- Daniel E.
Outstanding presentation. The attorney knows his subject intimately and thoroughly enjoys teaching it.
- Kenneth P.
Excellent course taught by passionate, knowledgeable attorney.
- David P.
Execellent course will take again
- kenneth p.
I'll be watching his other videos.
- Lloyd W.
- Jason L.
good speaker and good progrtam
- David K.
To be honest I didn't realize this course was about bankruptcy haha. I just thought it was about initial consults in general. But it was educational in both regards.
- Steven S.
This guy was really interesting and practical about bankruptcy and how people are clueless about their own finances Well Done
- michael e.
Excellent speaker, wealth of practical information well delivered.
- Letitia A.
Good course w practical advice.
- Jon M.
Good background for advising a client whether or not to consider bankruptcy.
- Harry K.
Excellent! So many great information.
- Angie H.
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