Stress & Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession Reviews

Fantastic presentation. This should be required viewing for 1Ls!
- David L.
Very insightful information. Makes you think and, more importantly, makes you want to take action. Thanks! Great job!
- Cedric H.
What a pleasant surprise. This presentation -- concise, clear, and to-the-point -- was full of valuable insights worth applying both professionally and personally.
- Allan M.
An exceptional presentation.
- Arthur L.
- Amy J.
Most insightful and useful presentation on substance abuse in my 30+ years of being a member of the CA bar.
- Anne K.
The handout material did not coincide with the slides shown by the commentator. It would have been nice to have the PowerPoint presentation that he used in the video
- Christine D.
Well presented. I love the Mark Twain quote.
- David B.
- Wendy S.
I enjoyed the quotes
- Glenn K.
very good presentation
- Eric B.
Very insightful! I particularly enjoyed the studies that were discussed.
- Eric M.
Very sage advice for all professionals, not just lawyers...
- Paul K.
I really appreciated this presentation, and I will try to stay in the present in order to avoid the problems of the future that may never really come to pass.
- Margaret M.
Give this outstanding man a bonus!
- Jimmie F.
This is a very interesting presentation - not at all what I had expected - and I learned a lot from it. I am going to suggest others listen as well.
- Mary-Ellen C.
I enjoyed the presenter's candor and humility. All attorneys should watch this and similar presentations about the stress of practicing law.
- Richard Brian G.
A must CLE course
- Morton S.
This lecture was extremely eye opening.
- Cheryl S.
Excellent presentation
- Timothy I.
Great presentation.
- Alicia B.
Very uplifting and helpful principles of coping with stress and anxiety as we attorneys go about our legal and personal lives, finding fulfillment and happiness as we do so. David Mahood, Esq.
- David M.
Great presentation.
- Lauren L.
Outstanding discussion!
- David I.
Great course. I wish this was provided to law students so they could manage their stress from the start. Thanks for a great refresher and how to make sure your stress from helping clients doesn't take over your life.
- Casey M.
Interesting topic.
- Sandra K.
Excellent base of knowledge demonstrated by instructor, resulting in a thought provoking and challenging program.
- Ren H.
Very eye opening and insightful. Thanks.
- Chelsea H.
I would have liked more content regarding examples of how substance abuse and stress have affected people's practice of law and more examples of times for someone to request help/assistance when stress is clearing judgement on the practice of law and the attorney's obligations to the client. I did appreciate the content regarding mindfulness and the power of now. In listening to the content regarding mindfulness I concurrently tried to practice the mindfulness techniques that I have learned in my life and that were being expressed in the video.
- Yessenia M.
Wonderful. Everybody should listen to this whether they’re doing it for CLE credit or not
- Stephen J.
Excellent materials, speaker, tone and information. Very much appreciated. This content applies to daily life with all the stresses and challenges of living in 2018. Excellent use of my time and I'll share the thoughtfulness of the speaker with others. Many thanks, Jay L.
- Jo Anne L.
Very practical advice about managing stress. Well presented
- Dale M.
Smart speaker
- John L.
Well done and good information. Can certainly apply the recommendations in the CLE.
- Rowel M.
Interesting. Not too helpful.
- David K.
I particularly enjoyed the quote by Mark Twain, "I've known many troubles in my life, few of which ever happened."
- Bruce M.
Good overview of how to combat stress/anxiety and the importance of giving yourself areas in your life where you can breath.
- Bryon J.
An excellent course and I wished it had been two hours instead of one.
- Robert L.
Lecture given from the heart and mind of one who knows this subject. Well done!
- Thomas H.
Wow. Possibly the most interesting and useful CLE I've ever seen.
- Tara H.
Important information to be observed. I found the speaker could have been more dynamic.
- Laurie L.
Some insightful comments, a good many Zen thoughts
- Gayle H.
Very informative.
- Aaron L.
good presenter
Very thorough and well presented
- Robert M.
Very Good
- Joseph P.
Great program, interesting and informative.
- Andrea L.
I feel inspired to take action to better handle my stress and anxiety.
- Carly L.
Appreciated that the presenter included his own personal experiences in the lecture, made the topic more approachable.
- Ashley H.
Loved the Mark Twain quote: "I have faced many problems in my life; most of which did not happen."
- S Ward H.
Worthwhile, succinct and helpful
- David M.
Great presentation - some great research and suggestions on how to manage the hectic life we all are living.
- Sapna A.
Good talk!
- natalia m.
I thought the presenter did a great job discussion various things to think about to realize stress and how to counter the effects of it.
- Thomas L.
how to control time, stress, manage cients, etc.
- Manuel M.
It was very informative. He is a very good speaker.
- Delores H.
Very insightful in an area I have taken for granted. Very satisfied with the content and delivery.
- Daryl K.
I learned some helpful strategies.
- Regina J.
- Laura H.
Thank you for this course. I will never give my cell phone number to another client. I believe this will reduce my stress level significantly.
- Norma K.
- Marguerite L.
Well done!
- Dinah M.
really enjoyed the speaker. he made competency issues interesting by telling a few stories.
- Lindsay N.
Thoughtful, marvelous resource!
- Denise Davis M.
Excellent lecturer.
- Joyce R.
Why does being a lawyer make you sad? Because you are a "paid worrier".
- Steve J.
I did not expect to sit down and just focus on this presentation, but I did. A lot of information and things to consider.
- Carrol M.
The course was interesting but the presenter could have been a little less monotonous in his presentation.
- Martina S.
Excellent life-balance advice
- Alan H.
Very informative!
- Lori M.
Speaker is clearly experienced in this area.
- Patrick H.
Very worthwhile.
- Stewart M.
I enjoyed this presentation. I think it brought to light where some of my own personal thoughts come from during quiet moments. I do not necessarily agree that persons, including attorneys who get stressed, turn to drink or medication. For me, when I am truly stressed, the last thing on my mind is to have a drink or use medication of any kind. I guess I would consider myself luck in this regard.
- Mark K.
The presenter provided excellent information in coherent manner with good mix of facts and examples.
- Alberta Y.
Great lesson in balance. Loved that he quoted Hamlet and Mark Twain.
- Beth C.
The lecture was very interesting. The instructor has a calm and easy-going style, which befits the topic.
- Laurie G.
Excellent--goes to the origin, discusses the realities and real life examples in a straightforward manner and gives options for management.
- Alexandra L.
Good examples!
- alicia m.
Mr. Carlton was easy to listen to as he delivered much-needed practical advice for lawyers. The sense he creates that "no lawyer is alone" in feeling anxious, stressed or depressed as a result of their career is valuable and reassuring, in particular.
- Nancy M.
Mandatory CLE for all Solos.
- Gregory M.
Great program.
- Jacqueline H.
This lecture was life-changing. It's so easy to forget the most rudimentary things like slowing down. But this person didn't lecture ad nauseum about the dangers of over-working. He should see my schedule. But he was seriously understanding without being condescending. I could listen to him for hours. He was talking directly to me, I feel. I learned more from this one lecture than I have in any of the other many lexvid speeches. I hope I have taken some of his kind, direct, lucid lessons with me after the lecture was over. Thank you.
- Karen K.
Actually a lot more interesting, informative and useful than I had anticipated.
- Justin B.
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