The Body & Soul of Business Valuation Part III: Discounts and Special Topics Reviews

This was one of the most exceptional lectures I have ever heard. Each year I dedicate myself to continuing education in many subjects. This was one of the best uses of almost seven hours of my life.
- Marguerite R.
Wow! This guy is the real deal! Even the least analytic attorney stands to get a lot in return if he puts in the considerable effor required by this series.
- Burt P.
Very thorough
- Lori G.
Great presentation, enjoyed it a great deal.
- John L.
This three part series on business valuation has been one of the most useful seminars I have ever taken. An area which I found murky and impenetaable has been laid out in a manner thaan makes the valuation process useful and clear.Thank you.
- gary s.
Great course
- Gregory F.
excellent lots of spiritual idea and atitudes
- biat m.
Fascinating, but a little over my head.
- Stephen C.
This man should speak on every topic. Fire everyone else. He is BEST!
- Ryan C.
Every lawyer doing acquisition would benefit from this course. Excellent presentation
- Laljeebhai P.
There is no way to adequately praise this hard working and hard thinking gentleman who is truly an artist and a master of this subject. This was too deep in numbers for me but I listened to every bit and grasped more than I expected I would or could. I would be honored to meet him. This course was masterfully presented.
- John L.
The material was excellent but just not real relevant to my area of practice, which is estate planning.
- Belford L.
Good 3-part course. More of these would be great.
- Edward P.
This was an excellent set of courses that made valuation theory fascinating! Great explanations and metaphors. I hope your poison oak metaphor is adopted by the schools to inspire an appreciation of math :) THANK YOU!
- Penelope S.
Very knowledgable speaker, but I was hoping for more information re: legal responsibilities and factors.
- Habeeb S.
This was a great course series. I really appreciated the examples and level of detail.
- Reena P.
good course
- Blake H.
By far your best speaker. Truly excellent
- Andre V.
knowledgable teacher-good sense of humor helped!
- Jo P.
Awesome, very detailed and practical. I will watch it again and again.
- Marie Blessed B.
Sure made the quantitative aspects digestible.
- Don B.
complicated math....
- Randolph N.
Excellent -- I learned so much
Lecturer did not gradually approach his complicated subject but seemed to assume all attorneys listening has a tax background. I use valuation in divorces and learmed very little from this "advanced" class
- irene b.
- Lorraine K.
A bit esoteric at times but helped quantify the factors used in business appraisals and potential issues with evaluations
- Janis W.
Very helpful!!
- Steven Z.
Highly technical but informative. I at least have a starting reference point and will be able to use this course as a resource
- Deborah O.
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