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Business Bankruptcy Basics Reviews

Good job by him
- Barry G.
Lots of good information for a general overview and could have used two hours.
- Patricia Q.
Excellent job.
- Darby N. M.
The written materials are actually more than a PowerPoint. Nice quick reference.
- Todd K.
Excellent presentation.
- Alan L.
Thorough and informative.
- John B.
really smart and clear presenter dealing with a complex topic. good overview.
- Joshua G.
An excellent course.
- Stephen M G.
spent half the time on basic level topics and then had to rush through the more complex area's
- David L.
Great primer on the basics. Presenter is really knowledgable, but may have slightly over done his effort to speak slowly.
- Duffy C.
Although the speaker was clearly knowledgable in the subject, the course materials were difficult to follow along with during the presentation. As a result, I was unsure if the materials had all the information the speaker was presenting. Perhaps a general outline of the course should be provided, or the speaker to should reference what page of the written materials he is covering.
- Miguel T.
The stream was interrupted every few seconds by LexVid's technicial difficulties. Unacceptable and intolerable.
- Wayne S.
Interesting backdrop and nice contrasting tie. Wealth of information, presented in concise, understandable terms
- Robert S.
excellent, but needed to be two programs. Full of information!
- Gregor W.
Terrific overview.
- Thomas H.
Good presentation.
- Eric S.
good course
- Janet L.
One of the best courses I have taken from any source in the past two years.
- Phillip P.
Very good review of the basics
- Anne M.
Mr Fernandez is a superb teacher.
- James L.
Excellent course and instructor. The instructor made a complex subject understandable and interesting/
- Leonard W.
Excellent in all respects
- Bruce D S.
A bit dry (after all, it's bankruptcy law) but the presenter was very informed and informative.
- Kristen H.
Good primer on business bankruptcy.
- Samuel W.
Excellent instructor and extremely knowledgeable in subject area.
- Adam M.
- Morgan G.
good update
- Eugene L.
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