Brewery / Distillery Law Series - Part 2: Issues in Intellectual Property Reviews

Highly informative and entertaining! Thanks!!
- Charles T.
Great, real world examples.
- Thomas C.
This was the best CLE I have ever attended, and I don't even practice in this area! Well done!
- Kimberly L.
Great course
- Harry L.
Goody synopsis on how to protect new brews!
- George G.
Very fascinating cover of IP law generally. Through the lens of brewery issues, but far more generally applicable. Definitely enjoyed.
- Adella W.
Well Done!
- David B.
- Alejandro R.
After watching part 1 I needed to see part 2.
- scott m.
Excellent presentation.
- Joe J.
Great class
- Michael K.
Great job!
- Stephen D.
Was a good course of the novice. As a practicing trademark attorney, I was hoping for some extra insight not just everything I already know.
- Lisa S.
Presenter is obviously enthusiastic and well-versed in this area of law.
- Mary T.
A refreshing subject and instructor.
- Roger O.
Great job explaining a subject I was unfamiliar.
- Kevin H.
Very interesting
- Michael M.
Interesting. Thanks
- Steven M.
Really interesting area of law, presenter did a good job!
- Krisitn L.
Very informative.
- John B.
Course was very informative.
- jimmy n.
This was really good. I do not practice IP, but found this to be a very clear and concise summary of these areas presented in a way that I could understand it.
- Daniel M.
Just pure awesomeness!
- Michael K.
Very informative. Highly recommend.
- Deborah F.
Love the brew law. Nice job.
- James D.
Informative on trademarks and trade secrets.
- Harry J N.
- Marci U.
Very very helpful!
- Karen R.
Really interesting and well thought-out presentation.
- Caroline P.
Slooooow down! Great content, but sloooooow down!
- Rae S.
Excellent work here!!!
- Nicholas W.
Best course so far. This woman is a rock star -- knows her stuff and communicates it persuasively.
- Deborah S.
Fantastic. In fifty years of practice, I have never taken a more informative or better presented course.
- David C.
Very thorough
- Sanay P.
- jon o.
A very engaging angle for delving into trademark, copyright & trade secret law.
- Brock T.
Superb Course.Great lecture and program.
- David P.
Another great video in this series!
- Dennis K.
I'm ready to start brewing!
- Catherine W.
Fun sessions, thanks. I was surprised not to hear about how clients should think of IP as an essential part of their asset mix, especially if the clients see a possibility of being acquired or taking on outside investment. I've been working with start-ups and investors in SF for 20 years, and preparing IP for investor scrutiny is a critical element for my clients, one that they should consider and document from day one. I wonder if brewers run into snags when trying to answer the due diligence of a sophisticated investor. Cheers Charlie
- Charles R.
Excellent course. Great overview of IP.
- Van M.
Enjoyed the course overall, but instructor spoke too fast at times
- Yun Hwa K.
Very well spoken instructor with good speaking skills.
- Marguerite R.
Excellent Program
- Michael R. S.
Enjoyed the presentation.
- Jeffrey T.
I like the speaker's ability to draw the audience into her presentation and provide specific and memorable examples to illustrate her points. Also like the extensive notes and how well the presentation synchronizes with the notes. Great technical presentation.
- Shirley S.
Excellent - thorough and interesting.
- Nancy S.
I thought that Ms. Teagarden made an exceptional CLE presentation, and I would recommend it to anybody.
- M Scott M.
Wonderful presentation and very engaging speaker. Thanks!
- Gail W.
Great knowledge and insight of this area of law!
- Lindsey P.
Much better than Part 1. I'm glad I stayed for Part 2. Learned a lot, thank you.
- Jonathan S.
Loved her energy and enthusiasm for the subject matter!
- Phyllis S.
The presenter is clearly an expert on Trademark and IP issues. She did a fabulous job in using real world examples to illustrate abstract concepts.
- Micah M.
Really copyright and trademark but much more interesting in the context of beer
- Susan S.
I have taken many online courses, and most of them were not very good. This course, however, was excellent.
- Penn G.
Excellent presentation. Presenter was very competent and knew what she was talking about.
- Laurence K.
Fascinating and creative area of practice
- Catherine W.
- christopher r.
Danielle's overview of general principles of intellectual property was excellent, and she offered terrific practical advice for attorneys to pass along to clients.
- Pamela S.
Great background on the brew industry law.
- Thomas T.
Well done very informative
- Mark D.
Excellent presentation
- John E.
Very knowledgeable presenter with great information! Thank you!
- Cynthia H.
Great examples used to illustrate points.
- Victoria V.
Really enjoyed. Speaker very knowledgeable. Kept me engaged in an otherwise dry topic!
- Carol L R.
Great job with brewery/distillery examples to illustrate basic IP law and making it very interesting. Presenter also demonstrates real enthusiasm for the topic.
- John T.
This course was really well done. It's a fascinating area with a lot of interesting legal issues. Thank you for the thorough presentation.
- Kimberly G.
Very detailed, well-outlined and presented. Terrific. Far and away the best course I have seen on LexVid.
- Kenneth E.
She did a remarkable job. Very informative.
- Melissa S.
Very informative, Keeping my clients informed
- Barbara W.
Ms. Teagarden knows her stuff.
- Eliot D.
Outstanding way to learn IP issues We just drink our way thru law Thanks
- Joseph M.
Excellent. Maintained my interest and exceeded expectations. I teach IP but it was interesting to here it in the context of a specific industry.
- Tonya E.
it was a little dry. There was only one camera shot, one scene, but the substance was there so it was good.
- Michael C.
One of the best speakers I've listened to!
- Alexandra M.
She can speak very quickly.
- james c.
Very engaging and knowledgeable speaker!
- Kate L.
- Nancy Lee W.
This was great. Now it's time for some brew!
- Richard F.
Really informative and interesting.
- Janice C.
This woman is amazing. She covered so much material in the session.
- Rita N.
Great energy and delivery of information. I learned a lot of a subject I was interested in and needed fundamental knowledge on. Thank you, instructor (pls pass along)
- Randolph N.
Solid IP review and very relevant.
- Jeffrey P.
Interesting and informative, I really enjoyed this CLE and I don't even practice in this area. Well done!
- Debora D.
Too much about simple IP law and not enough about specific issues related to alcohol law.
- Richard O.
Both I & II appear to be one of the better presentations here. The presenter provides a lot of good information and always keeps you interested. Highly recommend both in this series.
- Keith A.
This is my first course with Lexvid. Met all my expectations. Easy to understand, great content.
- Bradley S.
very interesting and well presented material.
- Dalia B.
Excellent presentation!
- Denise S.
She kept this interesting and moving.
- Maria M.
Learned a lot! VERY informative!
- Julie T.
Very good course -- instructor was excellent, organized and enthusiastic!
- Carole C.
Very interesting and engaging! Just visited Seattle and loved visiting the breweries. Thank you for the informative seminar.
- Stacy B.
Clear and concise with specific examples
- Karen B.
Very Informative!
- James E.
Very informative. Love the course setting, very insightful and well presented course.
- Lourdes F.
- John M.
Great fundamentals
- Robert F.
If I could rate higher than fives, I would. This attorney is obviously an expert in this area, and this was an incredibly comprehensive CLE. As in Part One the presenter's ebullience made nearly two hours of trademark and copyright law zoom impressive feat!
- MaryAnn M.
Fascinating content and well worth the 3-hour total time investment for Parts 1 and 2. Helpful review of IP issues for any start-up industry, not only food & beverage.
- Rehana G.
Class act! What a treat!
- Alexandra B.
Really good overview of trademark issues for any industry.
- David D.
Great series
- Allen B.
Seriously one of the best trainings (and I haven't had a bad LexVid training). Thanks!
- Rebecca K.
This instructor is amazingly good!
- Deborah D.
A fantastic two-part series.
- Daniel H.
Very interesting and comprehensive course.
- Anthony G.
Brilliant content; engaging, very interesting material and topic; need to slow down just a bit
- Azalea R.
- Michael O.
This one was even better than the first one. I've never been so engaged in a CLE. Danielle is a greater instructor and her enthusiasm for the subject matter is obvious. She makes me wish I were a beer attorney.
- William C.
Excellent overview - Cheers!
- Berry C.
good overview of issues related to craft beer brewing business and IP.
- Patrick L.
- william y.
Really enjoyed this seminar.
- Ralph A.
excellent details and real life examples!
- Jerri G.
The freight train in the background really added to the atmosphere. Too bad the course doesn't come with a flight of craft beer.
- Stephen F.
excellent - good ip summary
- Samuel B.
She knows her stuff
- Adam M.
Great course! Well organized and well presented.
- Heather R.
Excellent presentation. Very informative.
- Richard H.
Interesting presentation; from a pub, micro brewery, etc...
- David K.
The narrator was clear and concise about the trademark and ethics regarding the brewery industry.
- Audrey G.
Very good job by her!
- Barry G.
Its nice to learn about new industries in the presentation of these kinds of materials.
- Robert D.
- Russell L.
- Scott D.
She is fantastic! Very easy to listen to, very effective speaker.
- Terry B.
Very informative and incredibly well presented.
- Jennifer S.
Excellent review of IP law generally and brewing industry specific examples.
- Michael C.
Thank you!
- Heather Y.
Great slides. Great detail in presentation.
- Alan W.
Engaging presentation and good written content. Thank you.
- Daniel H.
good presentation
- Eugene L.
Enjoyed learning about trademark and other beer issues. Presenter is very knowledgeable and appeared very comfortable with the topic.
- Dawn C.
Truth is -- probably could have gone for a third and split the second one up into two. But great!
- John K.
High speed delivery. Never boring. Could have used some better examples, but overall excellent.
- Stephan P.
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