The Intersection of Arbitration & Bankruptcy Reviews

Mr. Fernandez is an excellent presenter!
- joane h.
Very informative and great materials.
- Richard B.
great information for newbies like me but a little dry like law school
- Harry L.
Good program. Very knowledgeable presenter.
- eric f.
- Laurence H.
Very good presenter
- Rennie R.
Good program.
- Alissa A.
Slides would have been helpful, perhaps with the various bankruptcy statutes.
- Pamela J.
- David P.
Hes pretty knowledgeable. I like how he is a CA atty. FYI - Need more Consumer Law cases
- Daniel S.
Very informative.
- Ronald G.
Interesting intersection of BK and arbitration issues. Had not considered these conflicts.
- John G.
Drafting a 523(a) objection now so this was very timely! Also a great "refresher" on core/non-core to an old BR practitioner!
- J Babette B.
Very clear and precise presentation..
- michael m.
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