Examination of Altered Documents Reviews

Excellent and interesting class.
- Jane B.
Pleasure to hear a true expert, who speaks modestly, with enthusiasm and direct language.
- Joseph F.
I found this course to be of the utmost interest to me. The presentation was excellent.
- Kevin C.
A great presentation that reveals techniques for examination and use of evidence of altered records
- Mark A.
I didn't like the audience member who interrupted with alot of annoying comments.
- Susan D.
I could listen to him all day.
- Carol Lee H.
Very informative
- Catherine C.
One of the more interesting CLE lectures. I would hope he would follow up with something a bit more legally focused, i.e. when do you call in a document specialist. What are the legal ramifications etc. But this was very informative.
- Richard S.
Engaging and informative
- Meighan D.
Fascinating presentation.
- David C.
Really interesting and informative!
- Mauro D.
- Laurence O.
Not my focus area but I enjoy the speaker. Interesting stuff.
- Michael A.
Excellent material
- Kim M.
He is super smart and super listenable.
- Shawn M.
Very good instructor.
- Korri F.
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