Advanced Cell Phone Location Evidence for Legal Professionals

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Course Description

Criminal and civil cases oftentimes use methods to "place" a person at a particular location based on their cell phone usage. These methods include historical call detail records, precision location data and E-911 pings. This course will show attorneys how cell phones work in the wireless networks, how to understand call detail records, and how to obtain records that may be crucial for their case. Real case examples are used to illustrate how location evidence is used in cases ranging from murder to trucking accidents. Attorneys will also learn about the realities and limitations of being able to locate a cell phone based on historical call detail record analysis.

Length: 54min

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I learned some great stuff. Thank you.
- Shara B.
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Meet the Lecturer(s)

Spencer McInvaille

Spencer McInvaille is a Digital Forensic Examiner, specializing in cellular location analysis at Envista Forensics. He holds certifications in telecommunications and cell phone forensics, such as Cellebrite Certified Operator, Certified Wireless Analyst and Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist. Spencer has qualified and testified as an expert witness in the area of cellular location analysis. Prior to his career at Envista Forensics, Spencer worked in law enforcement as a Violent Crimes Investigator in South Carolina where he investigated crimes such as murder, robbery, and aggravated assault. During his time as a law enforcement officer, Spencer also performed cellular location analysis and mobile forensics. He has over 200 hours of training in cellular location analysis and mobile phone forensics. He has also worked on state and federal cases across the United States.

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