2019 Supreme Court Update, Pt. II Reviews

Great course - very helpful! Many thanks
- Alexander C.
Most excellent presentation....Mr. Fitzpatrick's mastery of the subject matter, and his wisdom is astounding!
- Joel P.
Mr. Fitzpatrick continues his discussion of 2018-19 term Supreme Court decisions with his usual careful analysis. The slides accompanying this talk do not appear to relate to any of the cases he discusses in this Part II of the 2018-19 Term presentation nor do they relate to the cases he discussed in Part I. Instead they appear to be a rundown of cases the Court will take up in its next term which began October 2019. However, I don't think Mr. Fitzpatrick ever references this point about the content of the attached slides, an unhelpful omission. Other than that, this is a highly worthwhile presentation and Mr. Fitzpatrick employs as usual his good sense of balance in how much to delve into the background and details of the decisions versus how much to cover in his limited time. Well done.
- Arthur W.
The audio was a little off. Presentation good
- Eileen M.
Too much time on arbitration cases. Seems to be a pattern I've seen in other presentations. The written materials don't synch in order w/ the lecture. That would help. Very knowledgeable.
- David M.
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