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Course Reviews: Striving for a (Realistic) Work/Life Balance

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.74 out of 5 Stars Based on 6,060 Reviews

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Great course
- William V
This is such a useful course. This topic is somewhat taboo in our industry, and love how candid the professor was about methods to decompress.
- Tyler M
I really appreciate Mr.Quinn's knowledge, research, organization and most importantly, his passion. Gotta love the Philly intensity and style. A note to lexvid admin.: The Zoom video format is far clearer and desirable than a live lecture with an audience. I encourage more of this format even when Covid risks decrease.
- Richard W
Really great course, very insipring.
- Dana D
The instructor clearly is very sympathetic to the demands of a legal career. I recommend him - he's interesting and I'm pleased I selected his course bc I feel like I learned something AND like a person I don't even know cares about me.
- Mary W
Great presentation
- Jeffrey L
Great program — thank you!
- Renee C
Thank you. That was good.
- Deborah W
Good course.
- Louis L
This was great and really needed. Thanks
- Samuel B
Great presenter. Very topical.
- Jason B
Excellent, inspirational, life-changing program. Bravo! And thanks.
- Daniel B
Practical, useful, hopeful program! Should be must watching for every attorney or stressed person!
- Shelley L
A wonderful job Brian - thank you
- David E