Course Reviews: Rule 35 Mental Exams

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.62 out of 5 Stars Based on 3,114 Reviews

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- Stephen S
Instructor was concise, knowledgeable and pleasant to follow.
- Paul S
Thorough review of the law
- Eliot L
Best CLE course I have ever taken, by a mile.
- Alexander C
A bit long, but very informative, with lots of practical tips and excellent source material provided. Good job!
- Barbara H
Great content
- Paul S
The instructor's long experience is evident. And a very interesting presentation...
- Chris I
Very knowledge with excellent teaching skills.
- Patrick B
Thank you!
- Chris M
good course
- Eli F
The presenter's lively personality gave life to the topic at issue.
- Franklin R. C
There ain't nothin' like an old timer - from a rookie at forty-five years. Excellent presentation.
- H. Stephen H
great course-- very informative!
- katharine h
Extremely knowledgeable instructor! Very interesting topic.
- Christina D