Course Reviews: Recognizing and Addressing "Bro Culture" and Other Barriers to Gender Inclusion in the Legal Industry

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.66 out of 5 Stars Based on 5,808 Reviews

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Excellent program. The speaker was very well informed, spoke well and imparted important info. AND I met my DIE requirement! Thanks!
- Nancy L
Rachelle was an engaging speaker with good knowledge of the material.
- Kelley H
Very practical and interesting presentation
- Lisa R
Very informative and timely course. Highly recommend.
- Manohar S
Very knowledgeable instructor. Her introduction helped a great deal in providing her professional background and the topics to be covered. Touchdown sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and "micro-aggressions", i.e., both intentional and unintentional conduct in the workplace that could be problematic. The material is certainly relevant in today's workplace. I found the lecture to be worthwhile.
- William H
This is another excellent presentation from Lexvid. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and presents the course in a very interesting, yet very understandable manner that should make all of us, men and women, really think about the issues of gender bias and discrimination. This should be taken by all attorneys.
- Constance H
Outstanding excellent presentation.
- Richard P
Very good
- Michael D
Very informative and helpful video examples.
- Derek K
Good CLE course
- Frederick M
Very interesting. I really liked the real life scenarios.
- Kristen I