Course Reviews: Gambling: The "Secret" Addiction

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I liked the Speaker's direct frank honesty. It validated my own straight shooting style. I learned plenty of things, most of which I had never thought about and maybe now I'm in a better position to assist a colleague. For sure I can be on the lookout to help. I chose this course because of a friend of mine in the medical field who I think has a gambling problem. Now I'm more confident than ever that my instincts are correct.
- James P
Wow. Fantastic. Moving. Thank you for doing this video!
- Jerome C
Thank you for the awesome, substantive, engaging presentation. And all your hard work to assist other lawyers.
heartfelt and informative. This is one cle that could save someone's life
- Kimberly C
Thank you.
- Deborah W
Authentic, impassioned program. I hope addicts are listening, or people who know someone who needs help.
- marilyn m
Fantastic and very helpful.
- John G
great course. tom B.
- thomas b
Great program.
- Louis L
Brian did an excellent job. Spoke from the heart
- William H
Great program!!!!!!
- Richard F
Outstanding, powerful presentation.
- Daniel B
Thank you for sharing your very inspiring story.
- Emily P
Absolutely loved the program and my favorite concept was that we are all in this together❤️ If you see a problem say some thing about the problem and try to help!!!
- John K