Estate Planning Non-Traditional Couples

Presented by Danielle Barger

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Course Description

Length: 52min    Published: 12/8/2017    
Building a succession plan for a non-traditional couple presents a number of complications that generally are not present for a typical husband and wife estate. Whether for same-sex couples, blended families with shared and/or separate kids, or couples with no legal relationship, the attorney must consider differences in the application of tax rules, probate, HIPPA, and retirement.
In this program, California estate planning attorney Danielle Barger covers estate planning issues for various non-traditional couples in California. She begins by giving an overview of foundational estate planning principles. Then she compares and contrasts how these principles apply to different familial relationships.
Learning Objectives
* Get an overview of foundational estate planning principles
* Understand how these principles apply to different non-traditional couple statuses
* Learn tools on creating an estate plan that better suits your non-traditional couple clients

Speaker Q&A

Presented By:

Danielle Barger

(858) 755-7578

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"Excellent combination of tax considerations, family dynamic issues, and social reality."

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"This course brings up a lot of good points to consider when dealing with estate planning clients."

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"Extremely thorough, interesting and informative!"

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