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Course Reviews: Elimination of Bias - Women in the Law: Flying the Coop on the Wings of Economic & Institution Power

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.64 out of 5 Stars Based on 9,572 Reviews

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Superb! Everyone should view this presentation. Thank you for your advice and candidness. It is certainly needed and appreciated.
- Vineeta B
I really enjoyed this presenter -- great speaker.
- Catherine M
Wonderful presentation! Sincere. wise and practical recommendations. Thank you!
- Rhoda A
Great seminar. very insightful advice.
- Melissa S
- Leora M
Very informative and inspiring. Well done.
- Carolyn L
Pat Gillette was a great presenter. Level presentation, keen insight and strong suggestions for women in the law regarding moving ahead and becoming part of the power base in the firm.
- Eileen P M
Very informative and thought provoking. Provides ways to think about things that I had not though of before.
- Michael K
Very helpful/practical information for women and those that supervise women.
- Suzanne P
Wonderful program and very insightful. Best Lexvid Video I have watched to date
- Evelyn M
I really enjoyed this video. I have been part of a women attorneys' association that has seemed to have lost its direction a bit. All of the analysis and guidance on implicit bias and how to advance one's self as a female attorney was wonderful. I plan to share this CLE with my group in hopes the guidance reinvigorates the group.
- Anne R
This was a truly inspiring and practical CLE course. Thank you.
- Genevieve W
interesting and provocative
- Orna w
Excellent presenter and very interesting content.
- Carol R
Course offered many perspectives to think about. Good job.
- W Brent V
Useful summary of barriers and good suggestions for surmounting them.
- Rhonda B
Thank you again for the high quality and informative program.
- Howard H
Excellent, common sense advice.
- Lisa E
Great course!
- Kelly G
Terrific presentation. As the former male head of a law firm I recommend that every young lawyer see this, female or male.
- Joseph C
This was the most useful speech I've ever seen on women's issues in law firms.
- Kyla G
This was excellent. Too bad this wasn't a required course when I was in law school.
- Pat W
Fantastic presenter and CLE.
- Colleen W