Course Reviews: Advanced Care Planning

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.56 out of 5 Stars Based on 4,446 Ratings

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The presenter is very knowledgeable and the presentation was quite thorough. Only one suggestion - Please have the dog at someone else's home during presentation. Barking dog in the background was distracting.
- Deborah C
good information, just hard to focus with dog barking throughout
- sarah r
the course was great, the dog barking in the background was not.
- Guillermo F
very through. Quality presentation.
- Eugene W
This was a good overview, and the speaker's experience as a nurse was helpful, in that the particular medical procedures were explained in more detail than normal. Someone needs to take that dog for a walk though. :)
- Olli B
Ms. Mallett was very knowledgeable and presented well, but the dog barking in the background was annoying and distracted from the presentation. I assume that she is so used to the barking that she tuned it out during her presentation.
- Richard Brian G
Thank you
- Nina S