CLE CoursesWhy Clients Turn on Their Lawyers

Why Clients Turn on Their Lawyers

Credit Hours

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CA1.00(Includes 1.00 Ethics)

AK0.75(Includes 0.75 Ethics)
AZ0.75(Includes 0.75 Ethics)
CO1.00(Includes 1.00 Ethics)
FL1.00(Includes 1.00 Ethics)
HI0.75(Includes 0.75 Ethics)
NJ0.75(Includes 0.75 Ethics, Professionalism)
NY1.00(Includes 1.00 Ethics, Professionalism)
CT0.75(Includes 0.75 Ethics/Professionalism)

Course Length

52 Minutes

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Course Description

There a number of ethical mistakes lawyers can make that can cause their clients to turn on them. This can cost an undue amount of stress, time, money, and even lead to a malpractice suit. This program will give attorneys the tools they need to avoid these traps. Topics include: building a better understanding of your clients; enhancing your client communication skills; drafting effective fee agreements; calculating and communicating costs more efficiently; and more.

Published: 1/9/2015

Member Reviews

Very good advice

Rating: 5

- Diane G.

I recommended this course--and this program--to the rest of the partners at my firm. Very convenient and educational. Thank you,

Rating: 5

- Steven B.

This is a really well done course....very interesting and informative. Every lawyer needs to take this course!

Rating: 5

- Katherine D.

Very good and practical advice.

Rating: 5

- Luis R.

Very interesting. Really liked this program. Practical advice.

Rating: 5

- Alicia B.
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Meet the Lecturer(s)

Janet E. Sobel

Janet E. Sobel

In 1983, Janet E. Sobel graduated from U.C.L.A. law school in the top 10% of her class and has been practicing law in San Diego since becoming licensed that same year. Ms Sobel was a litigator in the “law firm” setting until 1999, when she decided she wanted something more fulfilling than an active litigation practice. By working out of her home, Ms. Sobel found she could eliminate the high cost of a traditional law firm practice and reduce her rates, thereby providing affordable “counseling-at-law” services to her clients. Thus, Ms. Sobel helps her clients address a wide range of legal issues in an economical way. In 2004, she successfully completed the rigorous mediation training program offered by the National Conflict Resolution Center in San Diego and was awarded a credential as a mediator.